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    Fun Shoot Targets

    Not sure if this is the right thread, but we're having a fun shoot in september and I was wondering if anyone has any printable targets which we could 'borrow'.</p> Alternatively does anyone have any ideas for fun shoot themes / targets??</p>
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    Stick on arrow rest

    I've just bought a couple of stick on arrow rests, for emergencies.</p> The rests have a little plastic thingy on them which i think acts as the pressure button, the question is, should i ever need to use it, do i leave the piece on and take my button off, leave the piece on in conjunction with...
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    1 or 2 Nocking points????

    When i did my beginners course, i had 2 nocking points on the string and nocked the arrow between.</p> Now i have my own bow and the shop set it up with 1 nocking point, which i nock the arrow below. </p> Are both acceptable? Any difference between the two methods? Does anybody have any...
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    I Did It, I Did It !!!!!!!!!

    I know that this is blowing my own trumpet, but I finally made my first 6 Gold end !!!!!!</p> Could have been neater, but who cares ????</p> It also shows my nocking point problem, any suggestions?</p> Gonna have to change my signature now !!!!!</p>
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    Nocking point position

    Can anybody help, someone told me that from the angle my arrows are entering the target, that my nocking point is in the wrong position. Unfortunately, they didn't say which way to move it !! Please look at the attached pic and give me your views.
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    Freelance Shooting in yorkshire?

    Hi everyone, Could anybody tell me if there is anywhere in east yorkshire (preferably near Hull) where i can shoot at anytime (indoor or outdoor)? I'm looking to join one of two local clubs, but their beginners courses don't start til may and june respectively and neither will allow me to shoot...