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  • Mike,

    I first went to Skye in 2006 and shot the field course with her. It was after that at Craighome she got the 6-gold end, maybe even in 2007, well announced and loudly cheered. Perhaps Malcolm or James can throw more light on it as the Williams haven't been around since about 2008. I do remember it as Ruth was extemely good company and made nice bacon sannies.

    How is the shooting going? Got my bow back from Ali H this week after it went on a holiday to Arizona. Bought some new arrows as I have found out I have been shooting the wrong spine for about 2 years!! what a plonker.

    See you soon

    Mike, I did not recognise you in your photo at first. are you guys up for going to the Pentangle on the 20th June in Skelton in England?
    Indeed. GRIV got my order for a trainer on t'internet before he even left the UK. Can't wait for it to arrive. Does that make me the biggest archery nerd ever?...Almost certainly not! See you around. Cheers, Linda
    Hope you had a good journey home, Mike. Keep flinging the string!
    Sorry to hear about the dry fire. I have seen a Selena dry fire before, but it luckily didnt have any issues, let alone major ones. I also like wales archery, but at the end of the day, it is the staff that makes the shop, and kevin is one of the few people in archery stores that knows what he is talking about with compounds =p Was thinking of popping down to WA for a quick glance at the new stock this weekend, only about an hours drive from here. I have not tried the avenger plus before, but know that some good archers choose it and shoot well with it.

    Good Shooting and Good Luck on your wife's bow choice.

    Hi Mike,

    Forgot you had bought it =) Glad you are getting on with it ok, you must pull harder than me. =) I do really miss the grip/riser, and should've gone for spirals 1st time around for me.
    Anyways, yes, the spiral X is a fixed draw length, but you can safely move it 1/8th of an inch either way, probably more, whist keeping the bow in tune. You also don't need to bother with creep tuning I have heard. To be honest though, it sounds that you are getting on ok with the bow setup as it is, so just keep practicing what you are doing imo =)

    Which bow were you thinking of getting your wife? The Alphaburner looks a sweet short draw length bow, with spiral x's aswell.
    Hi Mike,

    I don't actually have the bow anymore. I had several issues that were not quite right for me. Don't get me wrong, the bow is awsome, the grip is great, ballance is good and my scores shot up this year. However, due to the point that the cam 1/2+ was set at its lowest setting, it had too much sponge and valley to it, and it was too easy to come off the stops with the amount of pressure I use. It got to the point that I lost a H2H against Mark Franklin by 1 point with 5/12 shots came off stops a bit in the match... not good enough.

    I have however tried Adam Shaw's bow, which has Spiral X cams. This is much more of an improvement; it's a harder stop than cam 1/2+ and has less valley. If you are considering this bow, this is the cam worth going for by far.

    I now shoot an apex 7, which out of the box, with rough sight marks, improved both of my field pb's strait away.

    Hope that is helpful.
    Best Wishes.
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