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  • Hello, I was searching the forum for custom quivers and your name cropped up. I think the thread was quite old but do you still make custom quivers?
    Hi pete,
    Im looking to have the welsh dragon with cumry am byth underneath it on the large pocket if thats possible,and I was me but now he's gone on the belt if possible im a 40-42" waist so there is enough room!
    Im right handed buddy but could you pm or email me some pics of the colours if thats possible to [email protected]
    Also whats the timeframe to get one even though im in no rush,
    Hi buddy,
    I have been searching online for a custom quiver and found some beautiful pics of some you did a while ago,do you still make to order?
    Hi Pete.

    Lez from Aardvark recommended I get in touch with you. I'm looking for a custom quiver and belt for my wife. Do you have a blank design that I could draw on and send back to you for pricing? Basically want something in purple leather with skulls and bats on.

    Kind regards

    Hi Bald Eagle, I'm interested in a new hand made leather quiver if you still make them?
    I've had one from you before which was great, but I'm now after a black field type one for compound.
    I've lost your email address, hence posting here.
    Could you let me know and perhaps send me some sample photos of this type of quiver please?
    My email address is [email protected]
    Hi BE, thank you! And sorry for this soo late answer! I was out the formum and shooting since the last four year...! Hope to come back soon as soon as I find a place to shoot near my new home.

    And no, I am not Simon, sorry! :-D
    Hi, I was wondering if you still make custom quivers? Im pretty keen some of the samples ive seen on the forum are very well done. Could you let me know if you still make them and whats involved and the cost. Graham PS my email is [email protected]
    Likewise Pete. I'm at Kendal next weekend, and then Bradford in a few weeks, well and truly got the clout bug this year!
    I can't believe our paths haven't crossed since I returned, BE! Hope you and Mrs BE are in fine fettle! xx
    Hi Anita, thanks for your enquiry, if you can send me your email address I'll send some pic's of my work. Regards, Pete.
    Hi Bald Eagle! I hope I have the right guy here, I believe you make custom quivers, which look amazing. If you would be so kind as to let me know if you could make one for me I would love to hear from you! Kind regards, Anita.
    Hi, the Halewoods have given me your details, said you do customised quivers (they got one for their dad for his 60th) Am interested in one, can you email me some examples and prices etc please so I can drop subtle (and not so subtle hints) to my nearest and dearest please. My email address is [email protected] Thank you
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