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  • Hi Dylan
    See you've sent a message but all I can see is "Hi Clive, Except for a string which I'll make..." in the title. If I click on it I get the dreaded 500 error.
    Could you email me at [email protected] ?
    Hi Clive, I can take some photos of the tillering (and later finishing) 'cause that's where I'm at with it. I'm afraid you've missed the preparation of the stave and backing etc.
    Hi Barney

    Could I ask a huge favour? Would it be possible for you to take photos of the various stages of bow construction? I'd really like to have a record of the process.

    Righto. I'll send you a message when the bow is completed (assuming we've wound-up the Ber Apton Wednesdays by then).

    If we get some good weather throghout the 'closed season' we occasionaly shoot the odd weekend afternoon.
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