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    Lighting Requirements

    bright enough that people will come back...
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    Questions about RX7/X23 for indoors

    the easton chart on their website would suggest either the RX22 or the RX 21 (40lb is one of their crossover poundages) so it might be an idea to ask at the shop as other equipment factors might come into play whether you'd want one shaft over the other.
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    Quick question - WA Target awards

    well done! you had a better weekend than I did then! 😂
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    Quick question - WA Target awards

    they will have the claim forms at the shoot as the TO sends all the claims in.
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    Twisted nocks and other shapes

    Turbonocks are what you want... I wouldn't recommend them myself. There is an interesting thread about them on a different Archery Forum all the way back in 2014!
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    Are we ready?

    going from 2 to 4 is an increase of 100%, going from 80 to 88 is only 10%... but one is two extra targets of archers, the other isn't. ;) I think they were up against olympic recurve because there were so few of them you would basically be straight into the gold medal match. Assuming there was...
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    Are we ready?

    Indoors isn't a problem, I know we've been advertising our fita 25 this weekend as an opportunity to shoot a less common WA round and a chance to get a claim in during the first weekend. Outdoors, I've rarely seen more than 2 barebowers at a 720/H2H event*, and I doubt the introduction will see...
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    Bow fishing

    2010 and 2015... I suppose this thread was due it's half decade revival... :rolleyes:
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    But that is a really, really small group to make such a decision on. And whilst women might very well win occasional medals, the fact is you would see fewer women on the podium at major tournaments, and that is hardly encouraging to try to increase the participation of women in our sport.
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    Bow explode after a release and broke nock

    I'm assuming that's where those marks on the floor came from... 🤣🤣
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    I've seen Naomi Folkard shoot the 90m 1440 at a double wrs shoot before (after coming back from the Olympics (2008 I think)), and I believe that all the ladies records for the "gents" rounds have been claimed... though some are a lot older than most records. But then again, if you were paying to...
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    there have been three or four 900 female scores at Vegas, ever... on the gents line 10-20 every year. Higher poundages and longer draw lengths would put large shafts closer to being in spine, greater strength would allow a steadier aim with heavier weights on the bow. Doesn't mean the ladies...
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    Because when you look at the scores there is a difference. Because poundage doesn't mean "nothing". Even indoors.
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    The dreaded clicker...

    though I wonder if you made a single clicker that had two blades how that would be taken... you could make the argument that the rules would prevent two clickers, but not a single clicker that clicks twice...
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    Indoor longbow

    I have only seen a crossbow at one GNAS shoot ever... and that was the National Flights. As the rules also state that they shall shoot on a separate target from other bowstyles, they are effectively banned because competitions aren't going to waste a boss for maybe a single archer, when they...