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    Indoor longbow

    We're not Archery Australia (who have brought in a max 60lb rules for all bow types), in World Archery & AGB it's only compounds that have a 60lb limit*, other bowstyles are unlimited when it comes to poundage. * - ok, and 95lb for crossbows...
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    Indoor longbow

    if you can shoot it, it's not inappropriate... to me it just sounds like they're NOT used to longbowers shooting at that poundage and so it's more "that's not how we do it" than 'you shouldn't be doing that.'
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    Marking Arrows

    I think he just wants something different... in the way I often number my arrows with Roman numerals, instead of Arabic numerals...
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    Marking Arrows

    As it doesn't specify by which alphabet I guess there's no real reason why you can't. Especially if you're willing to argue your case at the equipment inspection... of course, if you do a lose an arrow and it's found at a later date, they might not realise it was yours...
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    Rules of shooting - Vegas 300

    we are all making the assumption that there hasn't been a mistake made... ;)
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    Rules of shooting - Vegas 300

    Be interesting to see if the Battle of Basing shoot will try to get record status for their US style Vegas shoot in Feb... I know our club will stick to the old round for our league shoot, because, you know, got to fill a three hour session. Otherwise, meh
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    Gillo GT Riser 2019

    considering how long adjustable limb pockets have been on compounds I'm surprised it's taken this long to appear on a recurve.
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    Binoculars for field target

    One evening we had the Swarovski guy come down to our club last summer with a crate of binos & one of spotting scopes... I swear looking through the spotting scopes was brighter than using just my eyes!!
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    ArcheryGB activating online account

    tried to use something run by Sport:80?? (not biased in any fashion)
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    choosing arrows!!!

    One of the things to keep in mind is that the Easton charts are only a guideline, and depending on your equipment it may turn out that you are not on the border between two spines, but bang in the middle of one. This is because a simple chart can't cover all the variations in limb geometries...
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    Arthritis and thumbs

    I used to use a wrist strap that was a loop of string around my wrist, which then had a string with a hook that went up the back of the hand, between two fingers, around the bow and then hooked back onto the wrist loop on the inside of my wrist. So you could have it as tight, or loose as you...
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    Arthritis and thumbs

    lol, being a lot kinder than I would have been with "charlatan" 😂 the obvious answer would be to compromise your grip to take pressure away from the base of the thumb.. or course, the problem then becomes you've compromised your grip.
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    Arrows aren't bullets

    when I start shooting at angled metal plates then I'll care...
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    Insurance and land

    or take a shovel... because 4 acres of woodland gives you plenty of places to hide the accidents... ;) (tongue very firmly in cheek)
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    Which fletching for indoors and why?

    That and it's been demonstrated not to be case... :ROFLMAO: