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    Hope you can help me. I am building my first wooden recurve riser. I want to use my spare samick ilf on the riser but carnt find bolts or a limb pocket that will work on the riser.
    Have you got anything I can use to complete my bow? much appreciated

    It is Lasswade High School Centre, Eskdale Drive, Bonnyrig, EH19 2LA. We are in the main hall so ask at reception for directions to the hall. I don't know what target number I am on but Donald or Tina will point me out.


    Cherry Lyne has asked me to get her old INNO riser to you for "examination". I will be at Lasswade next weekend, Sunday 16th, for the Combined FITA. I will be there from 0900 until it finishes at about 1700. Do you know if any of the archers from your area (Michael Murray springs to mind) will be attending and I will hand them the riser so that they can pass it to you. Otherwise it can be collected from the sports hall. I then expect to see Cherry at the Neptune Safford on the 23rd and if I still have it I will give it to her so she can arrange delivery.

    Let me know if anything can be arranged and I'll take the riser with me.

    Bill Murray
    Thank you for the hospitality shown to me yesterday the trip down from Dundee was worth it. Fantastic shooting ground. Its great to find a business that caters for all the archery needs. Keep the dream alive and I will be back for more. Good luck with the International shoot.
    hey, does anyone know if Border bows is off on holidays ? I've been trying their number all week and no answer.
    Your inbox is full again.

    Sell me some limbs, I can't seem to get a hold of you guys. I'll have to try to phone in the 1hr window where our timezones align tomorrow morning.
    Hi Sid, your inbox is full again :)
    Have you considered subscribing to get a larger inbox?
    Hello Sid, I have recieved my limbs recently but had to change out the internal detent fittings due to a very tight fit that jammed the limbs in place. Thanks again for your serviece.
    Hi Sid,

    Received the HEX5's today.

    They look absolutely fantastic. My house mate couldn't believe the recurve on them. Set it up and gave it a pull, really nice draw, very smooth. Slight downside is they don't quite fit as comfortably in my bow bag as the last limbs.
    Will shoot it and set it up properly tomorrow, can't wait.

    Thank you again, and thank you for being so efficient and helpful with the postage hassle.


    P.S, sorry for posting this here; your inbox is full apparently.
    We are flat out with emails.... we have about 90 outstanding emails to answer, with 30-40 emails getting dealt with a day...
    Sid...have sent a couple of messages and a post...please give me some sort of idea when I should expect the I am shipping my Dalaa out today as it was sold to pay for the Hawk...thanks Scott
    Hi Sid, I actually have some spare limbs and I have plans for a new riser soon. I'm gonna get a new GMX in the Hoyt Anodized Green Colour, how much would it be to have the limbs finished to match up with that colour?? The Celtic stencils that I saw on one of the trad bows looks great too ( These Ones). How much would it be for both of those I don't really mind the wait as I would like that very much.

    Hey sid, if you could just double check that your dads working on my quote that would be more than greatly appriciated, i really wanna get these ordered up! Thanks.

    Paul Crisafulli
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