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  • Hey Paul,
    Good to hear you're back shooting! :)
    Alex and I are still at it.. Alex won the EMAS regional boys indoor champs not long ago.. he shoots for EMAS now which is great.
    I changed to compound after trouble with my shoulder.. slowly getting there: best portsmouth of 561 so far. If anything its more frustrating than recurve!
    Lost my job a couple of months ago (the whole company went bust), which was a downer. At least I dont have to work silly hours anymore though which is good.
    Good to hear from you. Hope you're doing ok.
    I to be sure tis I .
    Yep i thought id be a w&w man for ever but i think this is a good move for me and it feels right. Glad to hear your still shooting the old girl.
    Hi Steve,
    No worries.
    Things have been quiet as my excitement to go shooting dried up...I think it was due to trying to do well and not succeeding or trying to hard.
    Been recently and intend to go this evening but with a more open mind about shooting and try and shoot each arrow the best I can and not worry about where it lands.
    Trying a few different things on the aim and release side and it is not going too bad a few loose arrows due to breathing out after draw and draw hand being pulled in but at least I know.
    Been reading Total Archery, a very good book I may add and am trying a few things suggested in there.
    How you doing?
    Had any time to practise?
    A Happy New Year to you.
    Hiya Paul,

    Sorry I haven't replied mate but have been all over the place and this is the first time I have managed to get on here for a long time!!

    How's life buddy?

    Hi Stu,
    I'll take a looksy....But you know no comps etc. for me.

    edited...Ironman now I would be up for that but is there going to be anywhere local for us ?
    Hi Gav,
    Glad it went well....It will take a bit of time to build yourself back up and that is not a bad thing so nice and easy does it. :thumbsup: Who knows we can thewn have our wager on a Portsmouth/Worcester etc. ...whats 50p between friends !!! EVERYTHING !!!!! LOL :D
    Me...not been for a couple of weeks now but am now starting to miss it. I may go tomorrow afternoon...there's a frostbite first and then either a Portsmouth or FITA 18 or 25...I'll just do the round indoors. Want to try out a higher bow grip, try and relax and tilt/push the bow forward after release AND sort out my tab and fingers during the draw sequence....not much really and I know it would mean be many steps backward at first but I hope it will be worth it in the end.....having said that....If I can be bothered... can't put my finger on why I'm feeling like this ? :gloomy::melodrama:jekyll-hy:grumpy:
    You take it easy and keep in touch.
    Hi Bow, yeah it went quite well really, started off great but got tired quick. How about you?
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
    I'll look to the tab...I have also made the gap wider to the nocking point but haven't done the face and backing....I have the finger marks on the back so will carefully trim back a little at a time.
    The platform on the Soma is smaller than the AF which I used to use.
    I'll have a good read and will try to change the way I shoot for the better, not going to pop up on the elite circuit but if I can get back and it will take some time to 1st class (lost it thisd year) or BM I'll be a happy man.
    Thanks again for your help and views.
    I do mod my tabs a little I widen the gap where the arrow goes through to the nock point and trim the face and backing to make the face as short as I can get away with to give more clearance on release. as for the extra loops you can do that if you want. But Park Sung Hyun never did and she shot a 1405 on a Fita so I do follow what she does and most of the Korean ladys do because some of them shoot past 1405 in training on a good day. I do tweek my finger loop but it's only a case of replacing the spring clip with the clip from a Beiter arm guard. thats it.
    Oh and keep the platform on and use it as a platform not a thumb rest I cannot recall seeing many/any top archers shooting without a platform. on my visits to watch the archery world cups in Croatia, Turkey and Edinburgh. Kisik Lee does say its ok to use a small platform I think its the big AF tab platforms he has a problem with because you cannot get the hand snug into the jaw/neck.
    Hello,,Managed to purchase Inside the archer through good ole Fleabay and it arrived yesterday.
    Had a quick thumb through and I do see what you mean regarding things being made easier to understand and it looks very interesting book read.
    Hopefully I can pick up some tips to start enjoying the sport again....decided to have a forced break as things just wasn't going right for me.
    Even the basic stuff like the fingers on the tab is completely different to what I do....realise that to go forward I'll have to go backwards and it may take some time but if I can progress reading the books then it will be money welll spent.
    Oh yes. you've got Kisik Lee he has trained a lot of olympic gold medal winners so he knows what he's doing.
    But his first book is not very clear on how to shoot and there are elements with photos that have caused alot of people to misunderstand what he means. But since he's gone to the the US the Americans do not like complex they do simple and clear so thats what they have done to his explination of form.
    I have posted a thread in the coaching forum on "types of form" what Kisik Lee teaches is what I call type 1 form once you understand what this looks like you will see the ones using it are winning all the medals this year.
    Cheers Bow, yeah i know how you feel it sucks not being able to practise where and when you want. Get back monday and hopefully have a good shoot, only been a few times indoors so going to have to start all over again lol. Talk soon.
    Hello Bow, Im in lol, havent been on the forum for a few weeks and havent been to archery for 2 weeks. Not been well, found out my treatment hasnt been working so they have upped the dose and how often i have it and it really hit me hard :( But hey what can ya do? Feeling pretty good today so if all's good Monday im going to archery. Hows things at yours? Quite liking the new site too.
    Good to hear...Handy that Frank has the same sight as well !!
    Build it up as you go now as completely different from using club bows + you have to get used to the bow setup.
    Was great :) felt alot nice using my own kit, and frank quickly helped me get my sight set up. I got tired pretty quick but i think thats just down to form. But otherwsie great
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