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  • hello bowselector I will try and get the grip off on thursday work is mad at the momment
    Got bowman score on sunday and a silver in the york hoo haaaaaaa
    how you getting on
    sounds good to me. I just got back from a york at tors plymouth just missed my bowman let down on the 100yrds in the rain should have been a breeze. some lads with the new inno so I got my eye on one now. let me know how you get on with the grip when it arrives.'re just a pup !! lol.
    Sorry about not coming back about the arrows.....Being as I am getting some coaching I just wanted to make sure things are going fine there first...not touched on the arrows just yet. I'm pulling 37 - 38lbs on the fingers but not been measured for "correct" arrow length . My current arrows are going well ?????
    I'll PM you my address details...are you sure about the grip?
    Not sure if you'll like what I'm thinking of doing....I love the red on the riser but am thinking about getting a custom job on it......There's a thread about a guy that does this and I've made initial still there...get up off the floor !!!
    a few weeks mate and Ill be 45 where does the time go lol
    yeh old was a bit over the top eh. how did you get on with the arrows problem.
    jagar grip needs posting let me know where. freebee
    hey Paul,

    Love the forums, Thanks for the intro.

    I have not made any bids today !!!

    Stuart tears.... the bow has a new master now !!!!!
    Glad to hear things are working with your apecs + you've upped the poundage as well.
    Must say that the inno limbs are smooth...played about with the bracing height yesterday...was at 21cm when I shot my portsmouth PB a few weeks ago and was just under 22cm with the frostbite.
    To be honest I choked on the last 6 arrows yesterday only scoring 43, did swear a few times...okay a lot !!! ....was a little worried in not knowing at the time if I'd reached 300 or not but knew it had to beat the previous PB.
    I just love shooting the inno.... sooo different to the SF super forged which I still have...and looking forward to the outdoor season and may just may take in some comps.
    Very nice Paul now can i have it back only kidding well done. Im starting to get the contact with the apecs now and moved to 42lbs inno limbs and seems to be working well so fingers crossed. I bet you can hear the inno crying for me at night. lol.
    Ha Ha same here came 5th and shot 542 so not very happy but all things considerd it was won on a 555 so what can I say 13 points off the winner 555 dosnt say much though does it. 541 not bad as you have a new set up so dont be to botherd by that It will come given time.
    LoL my portsmouth score on thursday was a 519 yes thats the right way round and was freezing so dont worry about scores its the form that gets you to the middle. I felt a tear when i added it all up. think Ill get another inno for my birthday from me to me. sunday Good luck if you ever think about a custom grip let me know as i have a red and black jagar one. bye
    Yes I've got some 40lb innos....Tried them out during club night last week. Shot a Portsmouth last Sunday and got a PB of 548.
    It's lovely and with the Beiter stabs it feels really good.
    I did PM you but your box may be full!!
    Got our club indoor champs this Sunday -Portsmouth- so I'll give it a go but won't get to high hopes as we have three really good archers with one one them being the newly crowned County Champion. So hoping to get into the top 5 or 6 if possible.
    Really pleased with the bow.... so it's time to get more used to it and concentrating on each shot... as mind switches off from time to time.
    How are you getting on with your bow?
    Hi Paul,
    I'll give it a go tomorrow and I am looking forward to it....problem is..... that I was looking forward to our County team Champs then didn't shoot that well.
    I've some way to get close to your Portsmouth score but am looking to give it a go.
    Glad to hear its going well with the new bow. I got some new 42lb inno limbs but still useing the 36lbs limbs. As for apecs not quite getting on with it so I think Ill get an inno and possibly in red lol. good luck on sunday. Iv got a portmouth to shoot on sunday last time I won it but dont think i will this time anyway let nme know how you get on. Paul
    Hello Paul did you get your limbs yet and if ya did how you getti ng on withe new set up
    Hee Heeee,
    Waiting for my inno limbs and will then try the bow out.
    Will try out with my Beiter setup and take it from frustratingly the bow is still in the box.... but hope to shoot next week?
    I'll let you know when I'm up and running.
    Take it easy.
    HI shamoan HeeeeeeeHooooooooo
    Hi mate how are you getting on with the riser Have you shot much with it let me know how yer doing cheers Paul
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