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  • Hi Dave
    AIUK Shop message reads:
    "fluffchucker, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation."

    This is from the link under your name
    When I click on 'Archers Mart' I get a message stating that I do not have access. I used to so is there a problem?

    Hi Dave
    I tried to load my Archery Club folder in the Archery Interchange but it's too big with 700 locations. It wouldn't go into AI Dropbox, so I have put it into the DROPBOX website.
    As I never used it before I didn't know if it would work properly, so I sent it to Paul `Boselecta' as I had his email address & he loaded it OK, but after getting invite from DROPBOX
    I have noticed that after spending weeks putting sites in alphabetically , the programme shuffles them about
    I tried to load an icon of an `archery target' on clear background but it wouldn't load. Another problem with DROPBOX was it failed to load 15 sites.

    I realised that I can still only send if I have the individual's email address, so there's no advantage in using another programme, I may as well ask for each email address on the forum.
    Thanks, Steve Gait
    Hi Dave
    I still can't get the Google kmz file to load even when zipped in the Dropbox Discussion Threads
    I have sent it to `coanwood' & `murfz51' email addresses which work
    Any ideas?
    Hi D,
    still here still compus mentus (most of the time) a farmer buddy of mine siggested I got licence for her 22 rimfire and 12 bore shotgun as I'd stopped doing recurve and may as well shoot things with a gun now rolf!
    hope the wife and kids are doing well

    John B and family xx
    Hiya Dave
    In my introduction post I stated that;
    "I have been compiling an `ARCHERY CLUBS & SHOPS UK.kmz' file for Google Earth. At present I have 193 entries, but am still building on it"
    Just working through the forum links and went to the Yorkshire Archery Association, but a warning popped up that it contains malware, so I'm a bit dubious about using it. Are you aware of this?

    I can post the kmz file as it stands to anyone who wants to download it, but as I would like to carry on compiling it, I would ask that if anyone finds a fault, that they contact me to correct it
    Hi Dave
    I have just joined the site & have not posted yet.
    When I registered I set my name as fluffchucker, but it appears as though my proper nameSteve Gait is shown.
    Can this be altered as I am unable to do it in the profile
    Hi Dave
    I've been posting abstracts of research papers that might be relevant to coaches and of general interest to archers. Is there any way that I can attach a PDF of the whole research paper to the thread so anyone interested can read the whole thing

    Hi Dave, just checking to see if you received my order on 2nd May, foy quiver badge..
    All the best
    Thanks for fixing pm's, you're all doing a 'no bad' job and should be proud of what you've created. Archers now have a real voice at last .It's now very very difficult to have a person marginalised simply because they dont kiss enough ass. Well done
    Love and peace
    Hi D
    My pm's seem problamatic 19/5/2011 can you please ensure that the one I've sent to FlightyRachel gets through
    PS I still laugh when I see the vid.. maybe see you this year
    hi dave i have had an email of a concerned FLEABAG saying his posts arent showing, he said he has pm'd u and had no reply? can you pm him or me to explain why. cheers
    Hi Dave,

    I've just checked the results of the 2010 Ironman Frostbite and noticed that Mr happy/Steve Ludwell isn't listed.

    Best wishes for the new year.

    Grey Goat
    Merry Christmas Dave.
    Hope all is well and that the New Year will be the best one yet.

    Morning Dave
    Just to let you know that I have put my name down for the Ironman Frostbite on the 27 th of December at Gordano Valley Archers . one of your members ( Grey Goat or is it Rob ) has paid my ?11.50
    Kind Regards
    mr happy or is it Stephen !!!!
    i am thinking about giving the ironman another go ,i won longbow in 2009 and never recieved an award, i won it in 2008 too and did recive a medal will there be a medal for this year
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