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  • Dave
    I have just registered for the guildford iron man shoot, who do I pay and where do I get the details from?
    Pete Maddox
    Hi Dave
    See you have been a busy man with the new site.Hope you can help with Andromada still cant get signed in .Tryed your links last time but no luck .
    Kind regards
    K Perseus & Andromada
    Can I have more info on exactly what needs doing from a potential host. Ill try to convince the secretary and chairman, but Im not promising anything at this stage. Hopefully, they will want to host it. Question ofcourse is what they get out of it etc etc...for me to pass on to them.
    You probably guessed I have never helped organise any event at my club except turn up on the day and move around bosses!!!
    PS: im talking about the AIUK ironman shoot 2010
    Hi Dave,

    Is there going to be another AI Indoor league tournament this year (really enjoyed last years one).


    Hi Dave - I just posted a new thread where I offered public praise to an archery shop, for some great service. But seems its been removed. What gives?
    Hi Dave,

    Just a quick query, I cant access the arcade or casino, it says that they are blocked for my user group :-( as a subscriber I thought I could access them, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Keep up the great work keeping this site running :)
    Thanks for letting us know why all the Newsletters. With the outdoor season just ramping up, I thought it was just a timely reminder - or two - or three - ;-)
    Thank you very much for running the service, anyway!
    Best regards, Gillies
    Hi Dave,

    I'm getting a message telling me my PM box is full although I've only got 407 (which I will weed out!), but don't Subscribers get 500 in any case?

    I know my automatic subscription's just gone through, has that something to do with it?

    Hi Dave,

    Just wanted to check if you got my mail about my score for feb in rec div 1, I missed the input time by about 20 mins and it was only letting me add to march, so didn't enter it...
    I hope you can put my score for feb in of 583, 43 golds, 60 hits 7/2/10
    Or else that my tourny over!



    The postman trudged his way through the snow to deliver my Ironman medal and certificate today. Just to say thanks and I am chuffed to bits


    Dave, Sorry, I just submitted team scores for "Thwackers"-Longbow. I inadvertantly entered a score for David Cartwright (aka Tinkerer) but I first entered it in the individual rather than team. I re-entered info to the correct league but thought I should let you know.
    Thanks for the hard work, have a great Christmas!
    Dave - just catching up for the Bristol Iron Man shoot. My real name is Dave Price. I have yet to recieve any post re shoot - will it be at the venue?
    Hi Dave, Grimsby Archer has sent me the follow "Deadmans shoes? Explain please. Does that mean if I drop out, you can get in? I seldom get chance to shoot, so if me dropping out will help you get in, thats ok by me"
    Can you sort it that I can put score in ?

    I have applied and paid to enter the Ironman Challenge at the London venue on the 27th December, and PM'ed Thunk about my GNAS number and Bow type as requested, but have not heard back from him to confirm that he's received my information.
    So I am writing to you to see if you can help, or at least confirm my booking etc.

    My GNAS number is 1035585
    My bow type is Recurve

    Many thanks, and Merry Christmas.

    Nigel Slocombe

    I have been away and was not able to submit the team scores for the Long Range Carpenters team.

    Is it possible to add them retrospectively?


    Hey Dave,
    Accidently submitted a score in the recurve div. (forgot to change the drop down box!) I have resubmitted it in the correct category, I hope it wont cause any problems!! (Sorry!)
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