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  • Recieved the badges today. Many thanks for both them and the shoot, My club members were impressed with the event. Glad to have met more members and the guys from Border. As you have a cat image have you seen this site
    hello Dave, Sorry to bother you but i am new to the interchange having started up a new club in dorset. i was trying to get more info on the postal league but all i get is log in even when i am already. could i trouble you for more info so that i can put it to the club members to see if they want to participate.
    Many thanks
    Hi dave
    How do we get involved with your shoot on the 28 december
    Berkhamsted bowmen (HERTFORDSHIRE).
    Hey there, I just wanted to know a bit more about the ironman shoot this year. I know members of my club (University of Liverpool Archery Club) would be interested in taking part.
    Hi - I placed an ad for my son's compound bow on the site yesterday (need to sell it before we can look at getting him a recurve/freestyle set up) but it still hasn't come up on the Archer's mart. Any thing I did wrong? Dee
    Hi Dave,
    I recently asked questions on the forum about the purpose of the GNAS and recieved very little real information in response and then found that the subject had been shut down! I am only just returning to archery after many years away and am seeking to establish how the sport stands at the moment and feel that an inquiry re. the organising body should be considered proper and receive decent consideration.
    There seems to have been a deliberate move to suppress my queries. I find this and other increasing censorships in this country both disturbing and undesirable in a country that has fought hard for freedom of speech. To pursue such a policy of censorship greatly diminishes you and any others similarly minded and I hope you will reconsider such action in the future.
    Would you please therefore explain to me why there is this seeming unwillingness to explain or discuss the GNAS as you have now made the matter quite ominous.
    Hi Dave, just completed my beginners course, hoping to shoot at thirsk in the in door shoot, would appreciate any advise, on the procedures and how to calm my nerves

    cheers Johnboy
    Me again, I have hundreds of faces which are *seconds* in all sizes. The only problems with them are very small and in most cases it's just the colour being slightly off as the presses for printing take a little time to warm up. More than happy to give them away for the AIUK shoots (Free!) but ask if the postage on them could be paid for..as they are a tad heavy. Do you want any?

    Hello dave,

    Since the change of the site, when I go to my Buddy list, I get a blank page. With the changeover I now have a friends list but it excludes half of those that were on my buddy list for my blog. Can those missing buddies still view my blog or do i have to make them *friends*? Does that make sense?

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