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  • Re insurance thread. I had too many searches open & I missed seeing the date. Sorry. Pm'd this to avoid continuing thread further.
    Hi Ciaran, forgive me for not coming over at the clout today, I was halfway home before I twigged it was you!!! We shall meet again I'm sure! Pete.

    Thanks for the kind words. Jamie and I have discussed many times how important it is to always put your best foot forward especially when you are a guest in someone else's country. I called her attention to the thread about her smiling all the time and she just laughed. She doesn't go on forum sites very often so she would have never known what was said. She told me "You know why I smile all the time Dad? It's because here I am, doing something I love all around the World. Win or Lose I can't stop myself from smiling."

    Lance Van Natta

    finally got the thing to work! wont let me do some things at the office!

    Hows things? didnt get to chat at the indoors

    You down for any other shoots?

    I was waiting for someone to drop in the Leinster comment. A very unfortunate result from my perspective.
    No i,m just to good can't hit the grass! Just its says that you have to have instruction in clout shooting - which i haven't. just launch it into the sky and hope it falls in the scoring circle.
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