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  • hi dreadnaught,
    sorry for the intrusion, but your attention to detail sounds phenomenal. would you consider making me a set of arrows, and if so, how much would you charge.
    Please, please, please, say yes, as try as i might, i just don't seem to have the skill to get a dozen consistent arrows.
    thanks, jim
    To post photos in the forum you need to open an account with a photo hosting site, I use photobucket which is free. search for that in google, open a free accounf and then upload your photos to it. When you've done this you'll see that there are some lines of code on the page for each pic, one of these is for forums, copy the script, then paste it into your post and the picture will appear.

    Good luck!
    Hi again Dave,
    Thanks anyway, we have lots of 122cm ones and never use 80s. Now we use bent sticks we all our ranges are measured in paces or yards. Metric FITA and meters are considered dirty words. We do a BLBS postal Portsmouth but even in that is done in 5 zone scoring. I joined the Fraternity of St. George early this year and have done several of their "roving marks" shoots which is immense fun. Jane and I are even considering selling our recurve gear, the last time we had it out was about 2 years ago and the time before was 18 months before that.
    Helen is at university now studying to be a radiographer, alternating her time 8 weeks each way between the new university here in Ipswich & on placement at Addenbrooks hospital in Cambridge.
    Best wishes,
    Hi Steve,

    Good to hear from you again..and I hope everyone is O.K. over there in Ipswich!
    Concerning the Tyvek faces, we only did them in 122cm and 80cm and as it happens I have about 150 x 80cm left. We are waiting for FITA to grant us licence on our new waterproof faces, again in 122cm and 80cm.
    The Tyvek 80cm faces are going cheap at 50p each!

    Very best regards,

    The Old Bloke
    hi there, i haven't been to lynn acres for ages but if you want call Annemary Davies Tel: 01288 356133 she is from Elmtree and they have used there for years, if you are coming down august bank holiday and do NFAS field there is always our shoot, www.toadhollowarchers.org
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