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    Bow Poundage

    A higher poundage bow will give you a flatter arrow trajectory. This is useful in field shooting unmarked distances; the effect will be that a misjudgment of the distance will not be so catastrophic due to less drop of the arrow.
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    Arrows for field

    I use FMJs for field shooting as I find them way more robust than the others. I fletch them with bohning impulse vanes that are also extremely robust. They will break, but they will put up with an awful lot before they do. Having said that, it's my opinion that platinum pluses are really good...
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    does it matter which way arrows spin?

    As another aside, I use left wing solely because my first fletching jig, that I happened to get for a really good price second hand, happened to be a lefty.
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    does it matter which way arrows spin?

    As an aside, you wouldn't believe how badly arrows fly if you use the wrong wing for your jig. All me how I know :rolleyes:
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    does it matter which way arrows spin?

    No. Pick a direction, buy the gear for it and stick with it. It makes no difference as long as your fletching kit matches the feathers you've bought.
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    Draw arm shoulder proble.

    I'd recommend going to see a proper sports physio. I had a similar problem and went to see my gp. He didn't really understand sports injuries and his advice didn't help much at all. After the sports physio visit I felt improvements almost immediately. He gave me a massage and specific...
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    New Field Distances?

    My Archery UK magazine arrived this morning and there was an article entitled "Field: new shorter target distranges". As well as new pegs that are not to be used for WRS or Arrowhead shoots the article talks about: The Red and Blue pegs being "Adjusted Shooting Positions" - but I'm not seeing...
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    Shooting off the shelf.

    If I switch from shooting a stick on rest to off the shelf, will the bow need stiffer arrows, weaker, or just the same?
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    String Length

    Ok, so I have a string which is twisted to the right length for my bow but with far too many twists in it; I want to copy it but I want to make it with a sensible number of twists in it. I'll put it on my jig twisted then extend the jig a bit to allow for twisting. My question is: how much...
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    HMPE Strings

    I was talking to Sid at Border Bows today. He asked me what string material I used; I told him that I used Angel. He sucked his teeth and told me that I should just use Fastflight+. I was on the point of ordering some Brownell Fastflight+ when I looked at what it was. As far as I can see...
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    Border Archery Website

    Does Border Archery bother with its website any more or does it only do business on facebook?
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    Archery Magazines

    Does anyone read archery magazines? I got an e-mail the other day saying my Bow International subscription is up for renewal and I'm really not sure that I'm going to bother. I find that I'm reading about two articles per magazine which is getting on for a pound a page. I get a similar amount...
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    FITA Field Round Barebow

    Quick question - When shooting Barebow on a FITA field round, are you allowed notes? For example, target distance, sight marks? I couldn't see it in the rules.
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    Arrow Saw Warning

    I was using my arrow saw to trim a little off my arrows when suddenly there was a huge bang. The cutting wheel had disintegrated showering my face with fragments. I wasn't hurt but I dread to think what would have happened if I hadn't been wearing my goggles. I don't know if I'd put some...
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    Field Archery Target Sizes

    I'm trying to figure out the target ring sizes for field - the 20, 40, 60, 80cm black ones with 4 black rings and a gold 5 and 6 in the middle. The outer rings are obviously all the same width but I can't find it documented how the golds are sized - for example do the 5 and 6 both have full...