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    Limb advice

    wiawis are nice but be aware they are measured at 26" so the weight on the fingers is more if your draw length is longer. MY 36lb limbs are 40 lbs off at 28"
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    Flat Bow permitted arrows

    Hi all I wish to use my flat bow (AFB Falco Spirit) in the barebow category of gnas target comps. am I allowed to use ally and carbon arrows as well as wooden?
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    [American Flatbow] Falco Spirit, order done, now waiting

    Just placed an order for my new bow to supplement my ELB with the Longbow Shop. It's a treat to self for my upcoming 60th birthday. Falco Spirit, triple carbon lamination at 40# 28" draw. i think I will look a sourcing some carbon or ACG's for something different to wooden arrows too. just a...
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    For Sale SF Elite Carbon Limbs 32lbs

    I have for sale a set of SF ELITE Carbon / Hight Foam limbs. 25H 68 - 32lbs 23H 66 - 34lbs, As new, only used a couple of times. ?105 inc of postage in mainland UK