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  • Hi Geoff - our PM seems to be suffering from a glitch! The past couple of messages I have sent have come back to me (showing you as the sender) with just my original message to you as the content. Weird! Have contacted Admin so hopefully things will be resolved soon. All the best - Rod.
    Hi Geoff,
    Those spacers of yours are really doing the trick..no movement at all.
    Just wanted to let you know.
    Hi Geoff

    Many thanks for the advice on the "cross-dominant" thread. Much appreciated. Leaving it to run at the minute because there are a few other odd interesting bits coming out. best Regards, Steve
    hiya geoff just wonderin if ya can help i have put a post up but nobody wants to speak just want to know if ya can help me plz i have some sights called agf compact sights for compound put i am lookin for a extention bar for it but tis the bar that gos from the bow to the scope bit if ya can me plz if not ill have to sell but i have no idea how much for cheers from rob
    Sorry Geoff. I don't always know what I am/trying to do. The way to post pictures on the AT site won't work here I guess. Do you know how? The new set-up works great. I have reduced the total bow, what I have to hold up, weight by 6 oz. The after release action and stability of the bow is amazing. I have found the trick is to have the downrod as stiff and as light as possible with the end weight twice as heavy as the total of the sidebar weights. The only problem I have found is with the siderods , I am going to try mount them like on a V-bar, so it won't cause a problem with shooting line space. Will keep you posted. If you know how to post pictures let me know, otherwise send me your e-mail address and I will send the pics there.
    hey geoff
    have bow up and running now and loving it. but yes have the bug big time and have just ordered a new arrow rest. cant wait to gt outside in april!!!!!!!!
    Hi Geoff. It's a small world. I thought very strongly about joining Canford but could not find enough info on the web site re costs and availability of shooting facilities through the week etc. As you probably know, at the BAC we can shoot seven days a week and also have two indoor venues, though it costs extra to use these.
    I do not have any plans to compete at the moment but this may change if my state of health improves sufficiently. I am experimenting with home made grips and find that I can fix a hand and wrist position which minimises the pain sufficiently to allow shooting without too much of a problem. (I had some bones removed from my left wrist in my teens following a motorcycle accident - a car was driven over me).
    Hi Geoff

    I know maryport, i work in workington
    just started to shoot with the Sellafield Club [about 3 weeks now]
    tried to go to the Maryport Club [netherhall] a few time, but the weather has been pretty crap, so only managed 2 weeks in the past 8-10
    Hi Geoff. Missed you on C&Q coz the sound was turned off

    Wanna drop in now?
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