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    Smartriser xm1

    Afraid I'm a lefty. They look amazing though and the reviews are top notch
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    Smartriser xm1

    Does anybody know if smartriser are working on a new bow? I emailed them to see what the availability was and they have stopped making xm1 in left hand and think they are stopping rh too, eventually (although I've maybe got this mixed up in translation). The nero is still being made but...
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    Limb advice

    looking for advice/opinion.... I've been working away a bit so have a bit extra cash which I'd like to buy some new limbs with.... what do you all think? Currently shooting long limbs @34lb. Draw weight around 40/41lb due to my monkey arms. I was intrigued by the uukha VX and xx limbs but am...
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    Xs WINGS breaking

    Hola fellow archers. I'd like to here some opinions on the following. I've spoken to 1 guy at the club about it but welcome more opinions. I've done a lot of set up work and feel the bow is shooting a lot better. I have recently changed to XS WINGS and shot a competition last week where I lost...
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    Rucksacks - old v new

    Hi folks, I am looking at updating my rucksack for recurve and would appreciate some advice. I've currently got a SF Axiom Plus bag which measures 93x34x24.5cm. I'm finding it a bit tight so looking to go for another rucksack which is a little bigger. I've expanded the bits that i carry with...
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    Hi Folks, I've been going about a year (recurve)- so still pretty fresh. I got my first real bit of coaching at my club at the weekend and was really thankful for some very good advice - first up, i am going to try to use my shoulder more than the bicep - i know what i am doing there - so all...
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    Choosing a sight

    Hi folks, I bought a decut sight less than a year ago and the sight block broke yesterday (first arrow of the day - grrr) So, what do people recommend? Ideally, looking between 50 quid and 150....but would consider going more if it was going to give me a competitive advantage. Are there some...
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    Hi folks, Hope this is the correct sub forum. Can i have peoples thoughts on recurve arrows, please? Current have a dozen easton inspires and looking to upgrade my kit a wee bit. Of my dozen, i've had 1 break and 1 lost in long grass. I'm looking into buying some better arrows and wondered...
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    Hi Folks, I've just started shooting outdoor for the first time which means i shoot more than i have before (maybe 4 or 5 days a week as opposed to 1 or 2). I'm really feeling my shoulders sore so my question has a few levels... 1) Is the pain temporary because i'm not used to it? 2) Is there...
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    Fletching advice

    Hi folks, Can anybody recommend a cheap but good fletching tool? Bought a set of arrows socks and new fletchings/ nocks and want some good tools to fit these well. Any videos on how to do it would be gratefully received too