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  • Hi Steve
    Good to see you haven't deserted to the other side ,I couldn't get the hang of not pulling against anything on the compound. My scores took a massive drop earlier on in the year and im still scratchin ma heid as to why(still low).I was up at a archery workshop at the weekend and found out that ma technique needs changing and im psychologically Unsound(nuthin new there )but will have to look into the mental side of things .How does the fibre bow shoot? 843 not a bad shoot especially on 22lb limbs youll have to look at the double recurve (like a Mongolian Bow) to see if you can get longer distances.

    Sorry about the long gap in the messages i hadnt check lol

    May all your arrows hit where you aim

    Hi No problem, I should be around otherwise somebody else can take the details, the grip is on my desk
    Hi Hooktonboy

    Many thanks for the message, the course was good if not slightly paperwork heavy, it has not stopped me from wanting to progress and I intend to go onto level 3 at the first oppertunity.
    Cheers mate Ill get hold of you next week if its ok. Busy this weekend with a vintage bike run in Banbury. Thanks for all your help sounds like a good club to be involved with!
    Hi, was told to say hello to you by 'Not Dead Yet' as I live in a little place called Llansilin roughly 10 miles west of Oswestry. Been living in NZ for the last three years where I mainly shot compound but Ive recently bought myself a recurve and have sworn not to touch the compound until I get used to the recurve again! Looking for a club that still knows how to have fun! Wrexam looks like a good one so just wondering ifn I could come and have a look. All the best - Robert
    Not bad back to my KG1 but have spoken to Keith (he made the kg1)and he is looking to bring in a cnc KG1 (same shape etc)for next year!!!wohoooo just got to save up the cash now and speak nicley to my nearest and dearest. How you been keeping and watch shooting now ?
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