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    club record or not?

    When dose your club accept scores as club records? In the past our club ha s accepted scores not shot on club nights/days and not validated by a second archer, but now this is causing problems in the club as recent scores submitted have raised eyebrows. I personally have no problem with the...
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    X10 vs Nano

    I have read until I was bored the thread on Nano?s and the legality of shooting them at some competitions. But what I would like to know from those who have shot them are they any good? I bought one of the first sets of x10 protour before the warnings came out; I am looking for a backup set of...
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    Hoyt 2008 compounds

    well i've just tore my self away from AARDVARKS and the X7&X8 vantage which are both in stock, in the hand they feel great and the new colours are much better in the flesh,they are like a deep red riptide and a green riptide. the stop is as solid as my trykon (rock soild), the strings also match...
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    XT3500 limbs

    Hi all I am seriously considering buying an ULTRA ELITE with XT3500 limbs. Dose any one have experience of shooting these at 100 yards, as I am concerned at the low speed these seem to produce and if they are any issues reaching the longer distances . Cheers HH
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    Trophy Taker Ping or not to Ping

    quite a few of us are now shooting this arrow rest now. SO dose yours ping after the shot, with my cobalt x7s set up with no ping .12 blade . now for out door i've put the .10 blade on shooting x10s protour and no matter where i set the height i alwasy get a ping from the blade, this dose...
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    X10 Pro Tour

    Hi is anyone shooting the X10 pro tours yet? if so have they made any difference and is it worth changing from normal x10s.
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    Hoyt Rintec For Sale 20lbs

    Hi due to my son getting a new rintec for christmas i am offering his 18mth old one for sale at a great saving from the new price of ?275. it has great draw adjustment 18 to 26 inch and though labled at 20lbs it will go to around 24lbs . it is in solid blue paint, the sale is for the bare bow...
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    mini moto for sale

    hi i am selling my mini moto 50cc 2 stroke it dose around 30mph but feels like 60 to be honest it is not for kids, mine hated it. its in reasonable condition a crack in the fairing underneath has been repaired, it looks cool in blue with lots of race stickers. i am open to offers .around ?50...
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    FOR SALE 2005 hoyt protec xt3000 25.5<28 draw 50/60lbs

    the time has come form me to sell my beloved protec it's in red and black fade excellent condition, comes with winners choice cables,a peep is fitted there is custom grip aswell as the original side plates. i will through a brand new set of winners choice cables worth ?70 (nothing wrong with...
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    trykon limbs slipping out of the pocket

    can anyone come up with a reason why the bottom limbs on my friends trykon are slipping out of the pocket all the screws are tight and the timing spot on i have never heard of this but i am quite new to the sport: cheers H.H.