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    [Horsebow] Grozer bows - advice needed

    I've been looking at some Grozer bows recently and I've got my sights on the biocomposite laminated hungarian bow. It's also available in a short version, which I think I prefer but I'm wondering what the differences will be? If anyone has any knowledge/experience of the two types I'd really...
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    Hoyt Matrix riser, Petron Pro Carbon limbs and more...

    Selling my recurve equipment as I no longer use it. I have the following for sale: ? 25" RH hoyt matrix riser in excellent condition, with just the usual limb pocket marks. Comes with a custom Jager best 2.0 grip (cost ?50 new), as well as a Shibuya Ultima rest and Shibuya dx button. I can...
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    Bamboo shafts...

    Hi, so I've bought some tonkin bamboo shafts and I'm in the process if building arrows. At the moment I'm cutting the shafts to length and drilling them for points and nocks. The bamboo has a soft centre that powders when you poke at it and I was wondering if it was safe to remove this stuff...
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    Fastflight string on KG Osprey (or similar laminated wood bow)?

    Hi, does anyone have experience with using a fastflight string material on a laminated wood bow, specifically the KG Osprey? I emailed KG and they said that although some people do use a fastflight string with this bow, they only recommend using Dacron strings. Of course they are just being...
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    Nock groove size?

    Edit: long story cut short, are there any nocks for aluminium or AC arrows that have a larger string groove than the standard 0.098" large groove nocks? Thanks
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    For Sale Hungarian horse bow - 50# - Brand New!

    I'm selling my hungarian style horse bow, draw weight of 50# at 28" (max draw length = 32"). The bow is pretty much brand new, apart from a couple of minor scuffs on the leather wrapping which must have happened during transport. I've only drawn the bow, never shot it. I found it was a little...
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    Leaving my recurve bow strung

    Is it damaging to the limbs on my recurve bow if I leave it strung for a number of days? A lot of people say it is bad for the limbs but then I've also heard differently. They're pretty expensive limbs, carbon with a wood core.
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    Nocks for my navigators

    Hi, I have 610 navigators with pin nocks. After having a look around I found that navigators spine 610-1000 take ace pins (I bought the arrows second hand so I didn't know this). I've just ordered up some beiter in-out nocks but I can't understand why they have different nock sizes for the 610...
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    Measuring string length?

    Hi, I'm thinking of ordering a string from Ryan Jeavons @ TwistedStrings but I'm not sure as to how I would go about measuring the string exactly. On their website it says to measure the string from tip to tip. Is the measurement taken with the string on or off the bow? If its measured off the...
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    Point weight?

    Hi, I've bought a used set of 610 nav's and I want to know the point weight as it seem a little to heavy. The problem is I don't really want to remove a point as I have zero experience dealing with this stuff and I don't have a set of scales sensitive enough anyway. I measured the FOC and its...
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    Jager grip

    Hi, I've decided to go for a Jager best 2.0 grip for my Hoyt matrix recurve. Being a novice, I have been recommended against it but I've decided that I really don't like the stock grip and feel its really affecting my performance. I'd just like some recommendations on the colours of the grip as...
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    Arm guards?

    Hi, I've had a habit of hitting my arm guard with the string lately, and a lot of the times it's even getting caught underneath my arm guard and hitting my bare arm. I'm working towards not hitting my arm and trying to make sure that my arm is kept out the way, although this may take a while. In...
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    Hoyt hardlock dowel rotation?

    Hi, I have a hoyt matrix riser and I was wondering what rotating the hardlock dowels does and why you might need to do it? Thanks
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    Wanted - ACC/ACG arrows, around 29" spined 610-680

    I'm looking for a set of ACC's or ACG's with a spine somewhere between 610 and 680 (so that's 610 and 660 for ACG, 3-04 and 3L-18 for ACC). They need to be 29" length +/- 0.5". Please get back to me if you have anything. Thank you
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    Draw length?

    I have a question about draw length. From what I understand the AMO draw length measurement is to the centre of the button + 1 3/4 inches and this measures exactly to the back of the bow. My arrows measure 29 1/8 inches to the end of the shaft and I've found that I'm drawing such that the shaft...