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  • I hpoe that this message finds you well and in a decent situation. Not so good for me at the moment, so I hope that things will improve. I have become a regular visitor to Wythenshawe Hosp in the last 7 weeks and have a few setbacks to overcome. Are you still praising your Elite compound. Not that I am moving away from recurve, but if I have to ( hand and finger injuries) what compound should I be looking at buying? Happy Easter. Mike
    yer i will be there, looking forward to something a bit better than a hog roast actually!
    i did, too, so i'm giving what i don't need to the club. we can always use more arrows, bracers, etc.
    it must be spring cleaning time i've been doing the same thing only in my garage, i found loads of archery equipment i'd forgotten about
    mine leggies are aching now. spent all day filing and trying to sort things into recycle, donate or bin. i actually made some headway!!
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