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    Sounds loud like a slap

    get someone to film you and look at it in slow playback. It could be what you think or it could be something else such as string hitting bracer after arrow has gone and then bow twists slightly. Another odd one can be the peep sight
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    Longbow draw weight?

    They have a good reputation but they do cost more than most of their competitors other than their basic range. If budget is a factor there are still plenty to choose from. I also have a couple of Nick Toy bows that I use for clout and you dont have to wait an age to get your hands on one and...
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    Longbow draw weight?

    you will definitely need a bow made to fit you, a 74"-76" bow will give you a draw length of 30"-32". Drawing a llongbow of the same draw weight as your recurve will seem easier and being lighter in weight less tiring to shoot a full round. you also hold at draw for a short time so my advice...
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    On old chesnut, women & men's comps

    probability. If you made archery compulsory the number of women in the top 50% would be pretty equal to men but when you go to the top decile the number of women will be less because that will be dominated by those who actually shoot and less women shoot..
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    Indoor longbow

    If you arent knackered by the effort then carry on. the faster arrow has a slight advantage over the slower one from a lighter bow Some people like to invent rules to cover things they havent thought of themselves.
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    now heres a thing I hadnt noticed

    Borrowed some arrows to try put with my compound bow and I noticed they were fleched so the cock vane sat upright rather than to the side as for recurve bows. Now this makes perfect sense and I kick myself for not noticing mine were "wrong" but here'e the question. Has anyone noticed a...
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    First dozen arrows for my longbow

    how long are your arrows? there are advantages for the slimmer shafts at distance but for indoors the fatter arrows with bigger fletches straigten up quicker so you have to think about making another set for longer range
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    Compound shooting

    best if you can shoot with both eyes open, equal amount of light makes brain happier plus you arent screwing up your face muscles and easier to judge vertical and 3d distance. However, it isnt always possible but there are things you can try, for example get an old pair of specs, remove the...
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    Absolutely correct Rik, Tommy simpson being the classic case. The list of performance enhancng drugs expands as the ability to detect such things develops but you also get very strange anomalies as a lot of the drugs they test for dotn show up so they look for metabolytes of the drug instead and...
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    Setting height of spring blade rest on compound

    On my rest you can adjust the angle of the leaf spring from flat to vertical. This seems to make more of a differnce than just adjusting the overall heght by a couple of millimetres with the rake of the blade kept the same. Now part of this is obvious, the moments around the pivot point will...
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    Arrows aren't bullets

    As someone who has designed a number of rifle and pistol ranges I can state there is a massive difference in the doctrine behind such ranges than those used for archery and the two cannot be compared. The reason that rifle ranges are set out on their templates is not really aimed at target...
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    garden set up advice please!

    Read Graham Birch's paper on banks, money and gold- then decide whether cryptocurrencies are really the future. he bought a farm big enough to shoot in his back garden and then some.
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    Records Claims for Long and Short Metrics as part of the WA1440

    If you look at some county records the same event recorded 3 or 4 county distance records. Like clout shooting and double clouts being 2 separate clout shoots it is a metter for interpretation of the same words. For example if you stop for lunch during a 1440 after the 70m stage does the...
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    Angela Bray RIP

    I am sorry to report that Angie Bray of Kettering Archers died suddenly on friday. Anyone who has ever entered a competition via Kettering archers, Northamptonshire County Archery Society or, EMAS in the last 30 years will have come across her, she will be sorely missed by all of those...
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    barebow first class

    Decided to try barebow last month as my longbow form had slipped and I struggle to hold up my recurve bow with a long rod on. Anyways managed to get my 3rd 1st class score yesterday with a WA70m. I havent really achived what I wanted from it though, which was to be able to spot what was going...