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    PSE Supra Max with different cams

    Hi all, I have a 2015 Supra Max. The lug that holds the cable on the top cam sheared off and now the bow is pretty much un-shootable. PSE have said they won't make a cam for LH bow now. Rather than throw my bow in the bin, can anyone enlighten me on what's involved in putting different cams...
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    Wanted PSE Supra Max LH Cams

    Hi all, Looking for cams for a LH Supra Max. Anyone with a spare top or both cams, get in touch please. Thanks
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    W&W bow strange noises

    I wondered if anyone has any ideas what to try to quieten my bow please? W&W AXT riser W&W Inno Ex Prime Limbs ACC arrows approx 370 gn Just under 9.5 brace height Pulling somewhere around 40 otf I shot a national round outdoor yesterday and my bow sounded fine. It was quite cold at 4 deg...
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    Compound Bow Help with Hoyt Cybertec

    Hi all Wonder if anyone can help me. I'm new to compound and confused by the tune chart and manual when it comes to draw length. The manual shows the stop peg position for each module position A through H. The limbs show DL 26 - 29.5 therefore presumably module A would be 26 in, C would be...
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    Bare shaft tuning arrow angle

    Hi everyone I've been doing some bare shaft tuning and I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm using 36lb limbs, measured at 42 or so otf. Bought 2114 arrows and initially had to turn in tiller bolts 4 or so turns to get a good tune. I changed my string a few weeks ago, and my time went all to cock. Arrows...
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    First go at tuning

    Until now I have never bothered to try and tune my bow. I have spent the last couple of evenings trying to tune my bow according to the Easton guide and tuning for tens. Straight away I found with the paper tuning test my arrows were too stiff so I increased the poundage and got a good tune. I...
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    Finger pain

    Hi everyone, Ive been lurking here for a couple of months now, reading posts and trying to learn what I can, though havent posted anything yet myself. I started shooting in October with 22# limbs and soon wanted to increase the poundage. I shot every other day at least, between 100 and 200...