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    Brace Height Advice etc

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I have a W&W Inno 25" riser with 40lb Border CXG Long limbs making a 70" bow. I shoot ACC 3-39 arrows with a 30" draw. For the last couple of months my bow hasn't been feeling quite right and I wanted to check my brace height. Unfortunately I have been...
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    Blackberry Scoring App

    Hi All, On the grounds that I have been unable to find any archery apps for the Blackberry, I have created a basic scoring app for the Blackberry. The current version is pretty basic but I would welcome any feedback, suggestions, requests to be included in either the current version of the...
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    Portsmouth PB

    On one of the rare good weather days in eastbourne between Christmas and New Year myself and a mate went down the field to shoot a Portsmouth - our first in a month (Yes, I know that a Portsmouth is an indoor round, but we do not have the luxury of a permanent indoor venue, yet). No idea if I...
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    Big Up the Misses

    Evening all, I would just like to take this opportunity to big up the misses (Safary). She picked up a bow for the first time in her life in September 2010 when she did her Basic Archery course (Thank you Colin, Terry & Pam of Bayeux Bowmen). Finding that recurve was not her forte, she moved...
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    Possibly the UK's youngest coach...?

    I regularly shoot with 2 groups of archers - outdoor with Eastbourne Archers & indoor a Horntye Sports Complex in Hastings (run by Bayeux Bowmen). This evening, after our indoor session, my 3 year old daughter (bless her cottons) said to me: "I know what your are doing wrong, Daddy. Your...
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    Sights - Recurve/Compound

    Morning all, My apologies if this all seems a touch knuckle headed, but I am at a bit of a loss as to the fundamental differences between a "recurve" sight and a "compound" sight. Okay, on visual inspection, the "compound" sight is beefier and has a chunkier head to take the scope, but...
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    Limb Choice - Mistral v. CXB

    Hi all, Trying to decide between the above limbs to go with my Win & Win riser. Does anyone have any experience with either limb? Which do you think are the better limbs? All help, opinions and advice greatfully received. Yours, MRT502
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    A Wife's Question (her first Short National)

    Hi All, Yesterday, my wife got her first compound (a second-hand Bowtech Allegiance). Although she had shot it about 5 times indoors, she shot it for the first time outdoors this morning on a lovely bright sunny morning with about 3 inches of snow all around! We both shot a short national...
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    Frostbite PB

    I guested at a Frostbite run by Bayeaux Bowmen ( and managed a new PB with only the second time shooting my new ACCs. I broke the 250 about a month ago, but my previous PB was 256. Today I managed a 270!