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    grease compound bow

    do you have to put any grease or silicone spray on the wheel things of a compound bow and the cables.thanks
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    Begginers, my journey

    Was at a shotgun competion and noticed a archery stand, 5/6pds a go, asked fora go gave instructor 10pd note, said he had no change, Has i had just shot well with shotgun and not used a bow for years i challenged him to 3 shots at the target for my 10pds if he won or nothing if i won, only...
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    hi, is there a beginers section, so that people who have not shot before or not for years get advice, like myself there must be a lot who just shoot at home at a target, buy a cheap bow, about 60pds, get a release aid and don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on equipment, just basic stuff...
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    release aid

    bought a release aid of amazon,velcro wrist thing 15pds I think, now you only have to touch the trigger and it lets go, seems dangerouse to me.if it was a air gun u would not dare fire it. now are they all like this, if so I think ill make one of those eye bolt triggerless ones on u tube,its a...
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    leaf arrow rest

    hello, new to this but how do I fit a leaf arrow rest to my compound bow, ive screwed it in and rested arrow on thread but I no that's wrong, so screwed in a bit with pointy end up but no luck, so pointed down and everything I can think off but arrow moves more than if I screw out and rest on...