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  • Hi. I think we may have contacted you
    thru angel. Who is my wife. We are going to the archery retreat tomorrow for the weekend. But we need some nocks. Could you tell us where your shop is so we can pick them on the way past.
    Also cheers for the price for the 122 cm faces. Pete (notdeadyet).will be in touch.
    Kindest regards
    Rob and Angela
    Ok, I will ask. What is a "recurve nine"?

    Last time I checked, a nine was a nine no matter what it is shot with.

    Enlighten me, please.
    hi new to this would like to talk to someone about my obsession archery. like how long have you been shooting and what got you into it,i love it
    Happy Easter from the ex pats alzhiemers club, hope all is well with you and yours, if your at Dunster next year i may get you a cup of tea as well as the cake!! good luck in Nimes, George.
    David, I've just seen your ebay listing for the Fita 18 faces. Are you able to sell them outside of ebay as I don't have an ebay account. I would be interested in 2 rolls of 20.
    Thanks Wendy
    Hi Dave, how are you? Its Steve Osborne from Ipswich. Do you sell 60cm tyvek faces? I looked on Arrowhead web site and couldn't find them though I'm well aware with my computer skills that doesn't mean they're not there.

    I was recommended to ask you to make me some bags for my longrods and twin rods plus extender. What do I need to do to place an order?

    Best wishes
    How dare you call yoursel "old" Old Bloke! I am older than you are...
    OK, now let us be serious. I have purchased some OBERON Material last year. I only came to use it this last week.
    0- Is that material still available?
    1- Is it made to be used only as a backing, or is it made to be used as the facing of a tab?
    2- In either case, would it be advisable to use it BOTH for backing AND facing?

    I have been using it as a backing with a Cordovan facing. It really is interesting. But I also would like to make sure I am using it well.

    Go and forgive the past over a phat breakfast. Have a chuckle at the absurdity of it all. Then go break some fancy moves by laying down some classy arrows.

    Bestest etc.

    Steve & The Buffalo Souljah.
    Hi Dave! Sorry, bit embarrasing but I didn't check that I had any messages on the profile page!!! Hopefully the update of the blog software will have sorted out the friends problem, if it hasn't, let me know! If you've any target faces left let me know how much you want for postage - I'm sure we could put them to good use! Have you had any more thoughts about the ads you'd like on AIUK? Cheers, Dave
    Hi Dave,
    Interesting about the plant growth. The moonstrike guy gets called a crackpot by many too. I have discussed this over a pint with some doctor and medical research friends. As well as being over 80% water, did you know our blood contains the same salinity levels AND mineral and trace element percentages as ocean water?

    Basically, life developed as single cell creatures swimming in the ocean. They depended on the minerals and even oxygen etc. in the water for life. As we left the oceans, we have kept the same chemicals, but store the "Ocean water" inside us in the plasma that the blood cells float in. Now think on that one and the effect of the moon and oceans!

    Unless you believe we are descended from aliens, that landed on a strange "flat" world.

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