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    Three wheels on my wagon...
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    European Youth Cup 2nd leg Croatia

    Some excellent results coming in from the British archers, compound and recurve, from the Youth Cup 2nd leg in Croatia. Live feed via IANSEO at the moment.
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    Hi everyone. The dates and club venues for the 2017 South West Challenge are as follows: 29th JULY - 30th JULY: UMBERLEIGH 31st JULY - 1st AUG: TAVISTOCK 3rd AUG - 4th AUG: ELMTREE (At Meeth)... 5th AUG - 6th AUG: SOUTH HAMS (Kitleigh House grounds, Yealmpton) As a guide for accommodation...
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    European Target Archery Champs Team Selection

    It hasn't been published on the Ianseo web site, but as of yesterday (as far as I'm aware) the four archers in male and female recurve going forward to todays finals were: Gents: Larry Godfrey, Patrick Huston, Ashe Morgan and Kieran Slater. Ladies: Amy Oliver, Naomi Folkard, Bryony Pitman and...
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    Selection stitch up or cop out?

    The ArcheryGB page has details of the first completed round(s) to select the British recurve team to represent G.B. in the European Champs in Nottingham in May. Within the report, it states thus: [The format for the second selection shoot will see the athlete lists cut at the end of day one and...
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    Not archery....but...

    There has been big trouble in another olympic sport, that of Taekwondo. I've taken the liberty to cut and paste articles associated with the problem as there have been posts on this forum pertaining to a cohegent (or suggestion of a lack of) team selection process. I'm sure it will evoke debate...
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    Making some changes.

    If you are reading this, and like me, you have spent some time in archery, you will appreciate, this entry! Having now completed half of the programmed shoots for this year, part 2 has now started with a move from the alloy arrow and onto carbon, in particular the ACE. The ACE has it's problems...
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    hello Mr Blog

    Well hello Mr Blog! I haven't seen you for some time so I guess much water has passed under your bridge. Indeed it has Old Bloke..shall I tell you about it? Hmmm..maybe but not just yet eh? Let us stick to the present and talk of my archery as I'm back shooting. Target Archery, O.B.? No, no...
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    Archery Acedemies. Could someone please enlighten me?

    Concerning the ArcheryGb archery academies, if possible, could someone please enlighten me as to the following? 1: Where in England are they set up? 2: What is the criteria for getting a place into one? 3: What is the criteria for gaining funding (Sports Aid) when in one? Kind regards The Old Bloke
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    I don't know whether to laugh or cry?

    I think I'm getting old. So the GNAS are now introducing Archery Academies...hmm..what a grand name? The trouble is, these Academies have not yet been rolled out to the general membership of the GNAS but I have learned (from the horses mouth) that one archer is already on it! And guess what...
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    REGIONAL TALENT ACADEMIES (Am I missing something?)

    So, with the GNAS (ArcheryGB) admitting that their (past) methods of procuring talented archers has failed (National), the archers of G.N.A.S. are now to be introduced to the new Regional Talent Academies where the Academies will be designed to prepare identified athletes for the G.B...
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    The Old bloke's thought of the day:

    The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well. ( A bronze medal is but a gateway to silver or gold afterall)
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    Did you hear?

    Did you hear about the young British archer who went to be assessed for the TID programme, failed to get onto the TID programme because he was assessed as not being good enough, and then just one week later went on to beat all those currently on the TID programme and became British Champion in...
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    The politicians speak. (Clever soundbites)

    I caught this from Ed Miliband today: Ed Miliband: "It was one of the great failures of our politics that this power went unchallenged for so long...." err...I wasn't aware he had done archery.
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    Quiet..for now.

    History has a history of repeating itself, and as sure as I am writing this then it will..and maybe a lot sooner than you think! Now that the stormy waters have subsided, let us have a review of what has happpened. A previous case of a junior falsifying scores at the Masters who was on *squad*...