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    What oil to finish a longbow with?

    I use beeswax, works for me and the smell covers the smell of the armpit of the person next to you!
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    Waxing the String

    hmmm, I have 8 elbs and 2 horse bows and I have never waxed a string. I change them when needed as soon as they look worn. I only shoot for a couple of hours on a sunday, so not that many hours. does waxing make the string last longer, if so but what?
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    Archery Interchange Facebook & Twitter Connectivity

    my only phone is an old clam phone, which I seem to keep forgetting to take with me. people seem to either think its weird your not available to them whenever they choose or are annoyed that I don't answer within 3 nano secs!
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    records officer

    evening all, I am a member of a very small club. our rec officer who has done the job for many years wants to stop and I have been asked t do it. I had a quick descusion with him (no time) and he said its just filling n spread sheets? whatever the are , and giving people info on round...
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    evening all, my daughter has a 18lb longbow which she has been trying to get the hang of for the last year on and off. the prob is she cant keep the arrow resting on her hand and it keeps slipping off. before she gets too frustrated I thought I would try her on a little recurve, I found a thing...
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    wrist pain

    I write left handed and shoot right handed, I swap constantly hands when using tools as my arm/hand tires. I have had for a while (years) a left wrist that wil swell p every now and then, doesn't hurt unless I hold it in a particular way. when shooting it is fine but can be painfull few...
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    arrow weight

    a bit of a tricky one to answer I know but...I was at my club sunday and someone put out a target at 100yds. they were using a recurve. I thought I would have a pop, at max elevation I managed to get 1 to reach. I am thinking maybe my arrows are too heavy they come in at 34 grms . my bow is a...
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    training aid

    evening all, bit of an odd one. I have in my garage pulleys attached to the wall with weights =ing about 50# draw, never can get the enthusiasm to go out to use it. also got the rubber bands but they don't feel right. ? now my question is there any ort of bow I can just string and leave in the...
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    spine or not?

    hi all, this has prob been answered before but I cant find it, so apoligees. I understand that arrows fired from a non centre shot bow need to bend around the bow (spine) but I don't understand this in relation to centre shot bows, surely you would just need an arrow that will not bend at all...
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    to string or not..

    evening all, I am wondering how often people change their string. does poundage come into the equation, type of bow, how many arrows shot, just generally how long its been on the bow. apart from obvious fraying do you just get a 'feeling' its time to change it. or just change it regardless at...
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    non wooden arrows

    hi, my daughter has a 18# elb and I took it along to club for a young person to try. the arrows we were using were wood and the smallest lightest we could find and tended to limp to the boss at about 15 yrds. when we were trying it indoors at 20 yds we had to aim over the boss so a bit...
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    pocket archery ish

    evening all, I have been looking at catapults that can sling arrows, mostly for fishing. has anyone tried one for target use and are they any good for it. was wondering about using one as a bit of fun cool down without needing to pack extra bow
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    string walking

    as I have been down with a bug for a couple of weeks I didn't fancy shooting my elb. so I took my old 35# horse bow instead. forgot that I need to aim at the floor 2/3 of the way towards the boss. did it a Portsmouth and shot a not to good 315 (haven't used it in ages). I then thought lets try...
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    string walking

    evening all. I usually gap shoot but at 20yds outside my aim is a long way in front of the boss. so I have been reading about string walking but there is a lot of contradictory info. the one I am most interested in is that the uneven pull/release will damage the bow. as I have not long had it...
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    holding a elb

    I was at work the other day when an electrician we use turned up. from previous talks I know he does elb and coaches others. got chatting about some of my issues an he started showing me what i do wrong, basically everything apart from standing still! I m very good a not moving : D ) I hold the...