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    Whitey back on top.

    Chris White has reclaimed the British FITA record today at Warrington with a superb 1413. Well shot Chris, over to you Liam!
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    Stolen Gear.

    Fred Burgess (father of Charlotte) had his car including archery kit stolen from outside his house this morning. The main parts of the kit were: Black Inno riser (RH 25") TX900 Limbs (I'll update with the poundage when I know) Soma stabs (Longrod and twins) Red Shibuya Case Opticron Scope...
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    Portmouth national record!

    Portsmouth national record! The ladies' recurve national Portsmouth record was broken today at The Lancashire Indoor Champs by AIUK's TTurner. The record was raised from 591(15 year old record!) to 593 Great shooting Charlie, well done.:beer::beer:
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    Beiter nocking points and other nocks.

    Has anyobody tried Beiter nocking points with other nocks, Gs pins etc? Does the combination work?
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    Titan Scope - Ring and Dot???

    I know this question has come up before, but for the love of me I can't find it. Does FITA allow the use of a ring and dot together in a Titan scope? Ta
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    First time out

    Got a chance to play out properly with the longbow today and put my first longbow score in - 113 Warwick which I was very pleased with. Don't know how that compares h/cap wise as I'm more familiar with MB recurve scores, but it's a good start. Great fun too!:archer2: :slaphappy
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    More PBs and great performances.

    Once again I take HelenT to a tournament and she puts me to shame! Not only did she annihilate her 720 pb on Saturday at Lilleshall but also got to the semi final and finished fourth in the H2H - her first ever attempt at a H2H! It took FieldArcher 606 to beat her in the end. Then on Sunday her...
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    Hell of a weekend!

    There will be no living with her soon: This weekend at the Lancashire Champs, HelenT has managed to shoot her first 1100 FITA and WIN her first FITA star on Saturday! Then as if that was not enough, go on to her first 1000 Hereford and came second by only 1 point after a great battle all day...
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    1000 FITA star

    Well done HelenT on acheiving her 1000 star on her only third ever Fita on Saturday at Timperley with 1033 and then going on to beat that pb on Sunday with 1040! Well done H x :beer:
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    MB, finally

    Finally made MB this weekend. After several years of nearlies and getting one score per year I got my second and third scores this weekend at Timperley with 1219 and 1198. Only found out this morning as due to a running total mistake I appeared to have finished the second day with 1188, it was...
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    1200, finally!

    Finally after several years of 1180 odd FITA's, this weekend I pulled my socks up and broke the 1200 "barrier" at an inter county match with a 1217. Think I felt more relieved than anything, I always believed i could do it, it was just a case of proving it.:jump:
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    Porstmouth PB

    Not for myself but for HelenT. After struggling to consistently hit 400 only 2 months ago, Helen has recently broken the 500 barrierand last night raised her pb to 534; a huge improvement. Its amazing what practice, hard work and properley matched equipment can do! Well done honey :beer::applause: x
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    Wrist injury?

    Wondering if any recurve archers out there have ever had severe tendon damage in their drawing wrist caused by shooting? It isn't something I have ever come across. I ask is because HelenT had tendon damage in her right wrist last year caused by a car accident when the other driver was at...
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    Rapid Progress

    Just thought it might be good to show off how well my partner HelenT has been progressing recently. This is Helen's first full season (last year was her first but for a variety of reasons she didn't get to shoot too much). Helen has managed to progress from a handicap of 60 and being...
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    Nexus limb fitting

    Just wondering if anyone else with a Nexus (or Helix) has had any problems with the limb fitting of non-Hoyt limbs. The problem I have is that my KG limbs won't under any amount of persuasion or adjustment fit properly into the dovetail/hardlock bit of the pocket and sit a mm or so out...