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  • Hello,
    I read your thread entry where you mention the existence of a freeware alternative to the expensive Dartfish software.
    Since you won't be mentioning it on-line, would you be so kind as to share the name of that freeware and other useful nformation in private???
    Hi rob
    How are you getting on with the hex 5's
    David is needing a new set of limbs and want's hex5's, neither of us has seen any of the wood core ones.
    any chance of meeting up so we can have a look and feel
    Cheers Nick
    Rob, the contact and score submission forms both work through a script that is woven into the uni webmail system. I have absolutely no idea how to make it work without that sorry.
    hello stranger
    How have you been doing. Can you put forward to the IOTA lot an invite to the ken inkley the application form is on archery organiser as well as NCAS Home Page. Please get your applications in early as it is filling up fast.
    I had a bit of a falling out with your old mate the other night.
    Look forward to seeing you soon send my regards to zoe
    Cheers Nick
    morning rob
    a couple of us are shooting at ferry meadows this morning if you would like to come you are welcome 10:00am nick
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