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    X10 tungsten points

    WANTED: A dozen 120 grain X10 tungsten points if anybody has any spare lying around?
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    Archery GB Target Rankings 2012

    Just FYI guys they are out: Archery GB : Documents : Target Archery Rankings 2012
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    Weird Robin Hood

    This was my latest robin hood, split in a similar way. I always thought it was due to the way the arrow continues to flex after it hits the target, or in this case another arrow. It continues to wobble side to side hence why the split moves side to side as the arrow forces its way further in...
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    Shibuya Ultima replacement screw

    Just wondering if anyone has an idea where you could get replacement parts for a shibuya ultima? the item im looking for is the screw used to hold the sight pin in place, the one you loosen to make large windage adjustments. as my sight is a few years old the top of the screw hole has started to...
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    Beiter In-Out Nocks

    Im looking for Beiter In-Outs for my ACEs to get ready for the outdoors season. Only problem is I cant find them for sale anywhere!! The exact code I need is 2X1L #71. This is the size for ACE shafts, nock groove size #1, and the long nock as Ive heard they give better protection than short...
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    X7 Eclipse/3D Super Nock

    Having hit one of my nocks I need to replace it. Getting the broken one out was pretty hard butting getting the replacement in seems even harder! Ive got the nock tool I was given with my old G Nocks but it wont fit 3D Supers. Any other way I can get the nock in? Ive tried using a coin to turn...
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    If im using Left Wing feathers for my new arrows, do they need a certain offset? I.e. LW need LH offset for example? or will they work the same with a right or left offset?
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    X7 choice?

    Im planning on getting some X7s for the indoor season next year, anyone have any preference Eclipse or Cobalt? Does the swage on the cobalt really make that much difference? Any thoughts welcome :)