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    Easton ACE point weight

    Hi, I have Easton ACE 470 spine shafts and when bareshaft tuning the arrows are coming off stiff (about 10" right of fletched at 40yds). Now I have 110 grain point in there which is the max recommended range for these spine arrows. Is it ok if I put a 120 grain point in there? do any of you...
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    Barebow UK Barebow rankings website (also Longbow)

    I recently stumbled across the following website which maintains scores which contribute towards barebow (and longbow) national rankings - I think this is a great idea and hope it continues to grow. R.
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    Alternative to the Quencha Base Seconds tent??

    Hello all, So I see that the Quench Base seconds seems to be the tent of choice however its now out of production - so what alternatives are out there that folks can recommend? ~R.
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    Wanted Entry level ILF limbs for beginner - medium or short at around 18lbs

    Hi, as the subject states, I'm looking for entry level medium or short ILF limbs which are rated at ~18lbs. -R.
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    Border Hex 6 ILF limb string

    Hello, had a quick look on the Border website but couldn't find anything about what the recommended string material/count is for the Border Hex 6.6 limbs (long limbs on a 25" riser) - what should I be looking for? Cheers
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    Slow motion cameras

    Hello all, Those who record slow motion video of archers, what cameras do you use and at what speed you you record? I see that some phones now offer slowmo recording capabilities such as the Samsung S9 (960fps though for only 0.3 seconds), anyone used a phone and can share their experiences? I...
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    Arrow choice for Target (barebow)

    Hi folks, So I shoot barebow and have a set of Carbon 1 arrows, as I potter about with field it isn't an issue however I'm looking to get more target shoots under my belt and was seeing that a number of venues have a restriction on full carbon shafts. So my question is, what is the arrow shaft...
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    Odd arrow going left - Form issue?

    Hi folks, So I occasionally loose an arrow which ends up going left and high (of the gold) - the other arrows generally tend to land where I intend them to land. I feel that this is a problem with my form however can someone shed some light on what can cause this? (I am right handed shooting...
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    Brace height and bareshaft tuning

    Hello folks, So I'm learning the art of faffing around with my bow settings and have some queries: When it comes to bareshaft tuning and braceheight setting - should I adjust the BH before bareshaft tuning (in order to get the fletched group tighter) or does that all break once I start...
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    Brace height conondrum - String Length - Uukha EX1 Evo2 - Best Zenit

    Hello everyone, So I have some conflicting information that I need to reconcile however I dont have too much experience so looking to pick your brains. I have a Best Zenit riser - the recommended brace height from the manufacturer for a 70" bow is 228.6mm to 241.3mm I have Uukha EX1 Evo2 limbs...
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    Barebow Tapered barebow weight

    Hello all, So I have a Best Zenit riser and an issue I have with it is that the limb bolt is such that I cannot screw in an additional wieght fully. I've had a google and looked at various online shops (in the UK) and not spotted anything suitable. Anyone have any recommendations? -R.
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    Cheque please

    Does your club accept any electronic form of payments for memberships? Every year I need to hunt around for my cheque book which only sees the light of day when renewing club memberships...get with the times people!
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    Indoor Range near M4 (between Swindon and Slough)

    Hello all, Anyone know of an indoor archery range that is relatively close to the M4 between Swindon and Slough? Ta. R.
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    At what point does a plunger have an effect? (regarding youth/kids bow)

    Hello all, So my son has been shooting his bog standard takedown recurve for a while barebow (no plunger), I've just got him a sight and saw that his arrows were all grouping to the right of the gold which was fair enough. I had a spare plunger button so stuck that on, did a bit of rough tuning...
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    [Horsebow] V?gh R?bert Bows

    Hello folks, Anyone here use bows from Vegh Roberts? I saw that the Hungarian bow he does have a max draw length of 34" which is something I'm after but could find any reviews - R