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  • Thanks for the swift reply Rik, clearance didn't seem to be the problem as i sprayed the riser with dry shampoo and the arrow didn't leave any contact marks that we could see. Plus it left my riser smelling nice �� ��:) . Strangely enough i had a similar problem with flonite vanes a few years ago. The arrows didn't miss the target but two kept landing in the black and the others hit the gold. I just assumed that stiffer plastic vanes seem to be far less forgiving than thin foil ones. Anyway thanks for your input and happy shooting. Or as they say here in Germany "Alles ins Gold".
    Hi Rik, I read on your profile that you use XS Wings. How are you getting on with them? I only ask because I bought A pack fancying a change from spin wings and one arrow kept missing the target at 70 meters. It was always the same arrow (Nr.3) and didn't have to do with shooting form because all the other arrows landed in the red and gold. Optically there was nothing to see that made this arrow different from the others. I even tried turning the nocks to see if it would bring the arrow back in but nothing made a difference. In the end i ripped all the vanes off and went back to spin wings. Now Nr 3 is nicely back in the group in the custard proving that spinnies are the right vanes for me. Have you had similar problems? Regards, John.
    Hi Rik, I read your message about the Varga frames some time ago. Not being a glasses wearer, my right (sighting) eye seems to lose concentration and the left eye takes over and the odd arrow goes left. I have just been to my wifes optician who has given me a number of tests and thinks that a single lens may cure my problems. He agrees that proper glasses would give me a proper distance picture but...all the other things may detract from scoring and walking. The Varga 2000 320 frames are available from Intershoot and Surreyguns. The optician will make me up a lens. Where did you get yours from?Do they fit? Have they made a positive difference. Any advice in hindsight? Coated, tinted,scratch resistant lens, 23 or 32mm lens.Visor for the sun/rain. Elastic band round back of head. I hope you can advise.
    Mike Wingate
    [email protected]
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