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    For sale: Shibuya Ultima carbon sight

    Hello, I'm interested in your Shibuya Sight, but can't seem to post a PM from the Archery Interchange site Do you know how to enter into a dialogue please? Andrew
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    Border Hex 8 Tuning Guide On Website

    Browsing the Border website, I noticed a couple of revisions that some may not have seen. Firstly, a Covert Hunter Hex 8 catalogue, with tuning advice on the Hex 8 limbs, and, secondly, the "Stock Available" section now has details of risers in stock...
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    Setting Up Hex 8's

    Last week, I received my Hex8 -H limbs from Mellerstain, and shot them for the first time on Saturday. Putting them into my 25" Tempest riser, and leaving the tiller settings the same as the Hex 7.2-H's that I usually shoot, and using a brace height of 7.25". I found that I was getting fletch...
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    Brownell & Fast Flight+

    Through Sid's recommendation, and it works for me, I'm shooting Fast Flight + on all my Border limbs. Just a "heads up" for anyone else who may be doing the same. The "other" archery forum has been reporting, for the last couple of weeks, that Brownell have ceased as the manufacturer of string...
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    Easton FMJ Match & Nock Pins

    In the spirit of helpfulness, I post this because I didn't know the answer, but now I do. In the Easton catalogue, the listing for the FMJ Match arrows shows them using G Nocks. After having shot down the side of one,and peeled the aluminium outer open like a ripe banana, I thought Pin Nocks...