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  • I think Boston is a good day out and as long as we take a flask we should be ok... You can drive here and we can go in the NEW- ish car !!
    If we can - its a date... I have slotted it out on my diary for the day ... let me knows...... asap
    Would you be interested in NDY plan for a 70M shoot in November...13th I think...on a Saturday, travel up together...poss stop over and or drive back.
    What say you Stu?
    well I paid my subscription to help keep it running as it looks like I will be here alot... but i have no l;ittle ribbon.....;-(
    Hurt your must be doing something wrong !!!!!
    It can at times become a little windy on the field but normally it is fairly calm....and we are shooting in April not July.
    Peter mentioned to not think about the wind and concentrate on the shot...I forgot to do that on a good few occasions hence the many misses I had at 100 yards but still enjoyed it through slightly gritted teeth....I now know that I was over drawing on a few as I am trying a different draw and I think I pushed the bowhand too far before drawing.
    Learning curve for me at 100 as it is for you at 50/60 and there are many schools of thought that say shoot at a distance until you can get them all in the blue and then work up whereas others say just go and do it.....I feel working at lower distances is a good thing as you don't want to get disillusioned at the longer distances & you can work on your form.....but some take to it like a duck to water.

    Good place here ... Problem is I could spend hours looking at all the things going on and then not get any work done !!!

    Sent you an email....

    Wind was a bit rough today - hurt my ring !! WTF !!!:jaw-dropp
    Hi Stuart,
    So you're finally on here eh !!
    It's very good for info and peoples thoughts.
    Shame about the wind today....blew my arrows off big time...or was that me over compensating???
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