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  • Hi Sarah,
    It was really good to see you on the weekend, it was a shame we wern't closer so we could have had a natter.

    Kim says you need to put in the scores that add up to the 2550 out of two fita's or four 720's or a combination of both. If you get these in before the 10th of October they will count towards your world ranking.
    If I were you i would put all my big scores in and list them where and when you did them. What did you get the first day? because you just need a 1254+ to go with that very impressive 1296 and job done :)
    Hi Kay, Well done on getting your MB score. I managed 1296 which is also a pb, and got 327 at 70m, which again was a pb.
    When i was talking to Kim, he told me to make sure i put my scores in to Gary, Tim and Helen, but he didnt say what scores and how many etc.. and I didnt ask!!!! Duh, so can you tell me please. Sorry! Sarah x
    it was really lovely to finally meet you and you are as stunning in person as you are in photos. in fact, i reckon you're the most beautiful woman in archery!!
    Good Luck Kay, have a wonderful and fantastic experience while you are out there in Beijing. We will be watching.:applause::applause::fita:

    Christine & Mario.
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