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    Wanted Hoyt Spiral PRO cam #4

    Hi Im looking for a Hoyt right hand Spiral pro cam set No 4 for a podium X 40. Looking to buy or if you need a #3 cam Im happy to trade. Cash Waiting Thanks
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    PSE Freak

    For Sale PSE Freak, The Freak is for the longer draw length shooters. Its adjustable from 28" to 33" without the need for modules or press. Its 50-60 Lbs and right handed. It's in the awesome bone collector colours and is immaculate with only the rest lock screw marks. I bought the bow NEW in...
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    2011 Hoyt Contender Elite

    ‎2011 Hoyt contender Elite for sale. It has two sets of Spiral cam & 1/2,fitted with 5.5 set and has a spare set of 4.5 for change of draw length. Custom string and speciality peep. Looking to sell or may exchange for an Apex 8.
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    Strange paper tuning

    Looking for ideas here. Last Sunday when shooting I noticed some arrows coming out at weird angles. Not all just some. I was putting this down to maybe the conditions (yep it was windy). So with my new arrows I thought Id just change the rest to a TT micro I have. Easy so far untill i tried...
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    Mathews Solocam Limb Bolts

    I was wondering. Does anyone know the maximum number of turns you can bring out a Mathews Solocam limb bolts to drop the poundage. Thanks in advance ;-)
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    SAA Indoor rankings

    Could someone explain to me just how the rankings work. Ive just looked at my scores and they bare no resemblance to what Ive shot. They have me listed as shooting a 435 and Ive never been that low in any comp let alone the compound ones I have shot in Totally confused .......... :bang:
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    Gold Belt and Quiver

    I was in at Irvine Burns Club today and was lucky enough to get a look at Irvine Toxophillites Eglinton Gold Belt and Quiver and thought Id post a picture for you to have a look at. I dont know if any of you remember Irvine Tox but even if you dont Im sure you'll be inpressed with the Belt...
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    Hoyt Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Could someone explain to me why with a 3 year old bow Hoyt have stopped making the modules for it. I have a Pro elite and want 75% let off modules for it and NOBODY has them in stock or can even get them from Hoyt. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :headache:
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    Cam Timing

    I'm looking for ideas about a problem. I have a Hoyt Pro Elite and when shot there is a pronounced kick up. Yes I can cut the kick down by loading the end of the longrod with extra weight but that to me is just masking the problem. Ive checked Tiller and both are as as even as you could get so...
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    Valley question

    I was wondering, is there any way to increase the length of the valley on the Hoyt Elite Pro or Vantage. At present on both the valley is tiny and Id like just a little more on it. Any ideas ?
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    Death Grip

    I was wondering.......... Ive seen the videos for the Van Handle Death Grip and read some threads but does anyone actually use one and are they FITA/GNAS legal. Thanks In advance
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    Shooting L/H bows right handed

    We were talking last night at the club about shooting left handed bows right handed and the general thoughts were that theres no reason you cant. Im still talking about holding the bow in the left hand and drawing with the right. Has anyone done this or is there any reason you cant.
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    Clothing colours ..... how white is white ?????

    Having just been looking about for new white trousers for the coming season I found myself looking at Cricket trousers. Now looking at them they are cream but they are referred to as "cricketing whites" just how white do we need to have out gear to still conform to dress code ?
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    Riser Fibrebow Clearance .........

    Im having a little problem with arrow clearance as it leaves the bow. It seems to be contacting the shelf. Im using ACEs with quickspin fletchings and I was wondering just what fletchings does everyone else use on the Fibrebows? Thanks In advance
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    Im taking up bowling .........

    Now let me start by saying Ive only been shooting for about 18 months. PB for Portsmouth is 537 but next best to that was 528.............. So its the last postal of the year tonight ..... first dozen was 111 and im thinking just take it easy and see what happens ............ Second dozen...