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    It's been a while since I shot regularly a.k.a. how to deal with confidence issues?

    In the past I have shot regularly, and intend to so again. I have a bugbear (3d8+3 AC17). When things are going well, I am fine, when things are not, I go into a tailspin, comparing myself to others, my progress to theirs, my scores to theirs and then end up thinking myself into the 'buying...
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    Got ink?

    Today I got myself a tattoo?it?s something I?ve considered a few times over the years. When a mate started talking about getting one and asking me if I?d ever get one my response was ?I don?t think there?s anything I could see myself getting as my interests change too often?. My only...
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    Easton Nocks

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Easton Super Nocks and 3D Super Nocks?
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    Stripping off and getting sticky

    Following on from changing the pile weight in my arrows the other night ? which had limited effect, I thought it was time for change my fletchings... <more>
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    Once more unto the beach, dear friends, once more!

    Tonight I arranged to meet up at the club with a friend who has been out of the game almost as long as I had. In his case it was injury that kept him away - AKA a real excuse. He got there before me and was waiting upon me when I arrived. flags were put out, a boss thrown up and a line...
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    More gear on the way out of my life :)

    Stage two of my archery clearout is complete, stage three is under way. This time, less ambitious and less potential money 8 ACEs Copper John sight <more>
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    Goodbye beautiful?.

    I miss you, I?m sorry I let you go but I had no alternative. I know I didn?t pay you enough attention and I deeply regret that. My only hope is that you will find love and attention from your new partner. Today I said goodbye to my ultratec. Wrapped up safe it was carried away by Parcel...
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    Arrows Easton arrow selection matrix/software

    Does anyone know what the assumed pile weight is when using these to get a resultant approximate/suggested spine? Particularly with the ACE/Nav(ACGs) where there is a vast array of pile weights available from 60-120gr, it would be nice to know this as it would have an effect upon arrow...
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    Out came the match ? Tuning part 3

    Please see Part 1 and Part 2 of this saga.. On Thursday evening, after a thunderstorm in mid-late evening, I ventured to the club field in the hope that a hardy soul would turn up, I found that I was that hardy soul. In the hope that someone would show up I assembled my bow, and...
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    Another n00b night, another stack of arrows repaired?and a decision made ? sorta

    Last but one n:target::target:b night of the year, 11 down, one to go! HURRAH! While inhaling fumes, from both the glue and the isopropyl alcohol used for cleaning/degreasing I had a chat with one of the bods with regards to my issues with tuning. The way I see it with my arrows being too...
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    Tuning my bow ? to the tune of Teddy Bears Picnic

    Tonight saw stage 2 of my bow tuning ? stage 1 can be read here. But before I could start that I had to do something about my bow limbs. I noticed the other week during stage 1 that the tip of the bottom limb wasn?t truly in-line with the centre of the bow. Despite people telling me it was...
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    Boy do I need work.....

    Today saw the first of what will become an annual event. A friendly competition between two neighbouring(ish) archery clubs, between ourselves and Harlequin Bowmen. The gauntlet was laid down a few weeks ago, the venue set, the time chosen and the round decreed.They had home advantage at...
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    I quit...

    who wants a pair of exfeels? I'm getting nowhere, in fact, I'm going backwards. I may as well save myself more time, money and despair and get shot now...
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    Thank you TJ

    Last week there was a thread regarding useless gear in the bottom of our toolboxes on which TJ Mason posted about an item. I contacted him with the intention of buying it from him. Today the item arrived, with no money swapping hands having refused payment. It's gestures like this that mean so...
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    Frostbites R us

    This time nowhere near as cold. Rolled up to the field at 10.30...late. Set up my bow, started shooting. Didn't shoot well, got the odd ten, but mostly 7's and 8's, with the odd really bad one thrown in. I've forgotten my score, something in the 270-280 range. As an argument for the defence, I...