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    Screw in tips/blunts?

    Please don't assume blunts are safer than points! They are still designed to kill, but by shock rather than bleeding. Range safety is the important thing. I've experimented with screw-in blunts and found them somewhat rickety - the ones on the market are of mediocre quality and unscrew very...
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    Are you still booking in to tournaments?

    I'm seeing an increasing level of nervousness among TOs, and some cancellations. I expect there'll be a load more. But outdoor archery tournaments are very low-risk environments for transmission. The combination of fresh air, little physical contact and a reasonable separation makes virus...
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    No, you won't be covered in this case. The insurance covers activities within AGB-affiliated clubs or the AGB "environment", plus promotional-type activities at schools or in the community where the activity has been approved by the AGB-affiliated club's committee. There are some further...
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    Old sniper trick : use the tall finger on the trigger.

    It's also a good tip when using a saw - lay the index finger against the side of the saw rather than wrapping it around the handle, and you'll tend to cut straighter.
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    Bow fishing

    There are all sorts of word-of-mouth stories about what laws apply to archery, and I've repeated a few of them on AIUK myself. But there's actually no law about distance from areas the public can access. You can shoot anywhere with the landowner's permission, but you have the usual legal...
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    Compound shooting

    Right eye open, left eye kind of hooded so it's relaxed but tuned out.
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    The 5 Stages of Archery Grief.

    That's the ONLY option in Yorkshire.
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    AGB affiliations 2018

    I've usually received the Archery GB subscription renewals pack by now, but ain't seen noffink yet. Have I missed a memo? Does anyone know whether packs will be sent out this time?
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    AGB director remuneration

    Seen the 2017 AGB accounts? Remuneration for directors increased from ?29834 in 2016 to ?139400 in 2017 - an increase of 467%. I can feel the benefit to the sport already.
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    Demand down?

    Clubs in West Yorkshire, including mine, seem to be struggling to fill beginners courses this year. There's a lot more supply this year than previously, but it does look like demand has fallen sharply. What's the picture in the rest of the country?
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    Stolen bow - Leeds - Hoyt Formula RX plus Formula Quattro limbs

    Please be on the lookout for a stolen bow. Darren Clarkson (Compkiller on this board) had his bow stolen from the equipment line at the Bowmen of Adel (Leeds) on the evening of Thursday the 10th of August 2017, while he was helping to look for a lost arrow. The bow is a Hoyt Formula RX with...
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    Archery in the Grauniad

    Archery featured in the "How I Work It" section (page 90) of yesterday's Guardian magazine: One Eddie Pemberton described how he got into archery and the challenges and satisfactions of the sport. Brief, but...
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    Reviving old-ish longbows

    Our club recently received a donation of two longbows, which belonged to the couple who founded the club. But these have not been shot for at least 20 years. They were probably made in the 1980s. Both bows appear to be in good condition and have been stored in bow bags away from heat, cold and...
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    JNOC 2016 - 31st March cut-off for score submissions

    Please be aware that the cut-off date to submit scores for the Junior National Outdoor Championships 2016 is the 31st of March - earlier than usual. Details on the English Archery Federation website: English Archery Federation
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    New-to-me bow

    So, I went to the NCAS-YAA Field Championships on the weekend of the 24th and 25th of October, shooting compound unlimited. Or rather, I went to the first day and had such a disaster that I didn't mind when something stopped me going to the second day. My shooting was shocking. Even without...