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  • Hi Dave, you there?
    I'm heading into Glasgow this evening, do you want the banding machine?

    Just in from drive way just done a 412 got you and Auld Dave in my sights .:raspberry:poulies::huge:
    As long as i have no more accidents:dizzy:
    El pressy Rabid told me you have the SF pro carbon if iremember right you did too but i forgot the name of it :duh:.Any chance of me having a proper feel of yours:).Does,nt look good for tomorrow for me still waiting for heating engineer been promised for tomorrow
    Grow up or are "born again"?

    Don't worry - it's not as painful as some make out!! (speaking as one who knows ;) )
    Thanks Uller! Long drive home today after the Pentangle but it was well worth it - great venue and good company.
    Aww, hey - just spotted your "Grozer Visit" album! I'm dead jealous....I'd love to get myself a Grozer bow, but seeing your album makes me want one even more!!
    Cheers Uller! :cake3::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::vomit::knockout::faint:

    Another year older (but not any wiser.... ;) )
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