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    Portable netting set up

    We bought a few 90cm targets with built in netting from Tenzone targets. Then have been great for have a go's
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    Popinjay archery

    Hello all Dose anyone know where you can purchase birds and equipment for popinjay archery or if anyone knows the best way to make them. Thanks in advance.
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    Range marking signs

    Hello Anyone know where you can get the yellow markers for the side of the range like are used at the World Cup matches and were used at the Olympics which show distance, equipment line, shooting line etc. thanks
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    Theft of archery equipment

    Hello All Please be on the look out for my personal archery equipment which was stolen on the night of Thursday the 13th of March 2014 from my shipping container just out side Elgin. Where we are presently building a new house and an outdoor archery range, along with some other house hold items...
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    glue for limbs

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone knew what would be the best glue to re-attach a chunk of paintwork and lacquer back on to the fibreglass of the limb. The fibreglass on the limb is not cracked or broken in anyway. The paintwork has just come away on a small section. Thanks in advance.
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    Timing system

    Hello All In the future I am thinking of getting an archery timing system for the club so that people can get used to shooting under competition timing, so that they are not spooked when the go to competitions. What timing systems do you use out there for club and competition use? Any...
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    CLOUT Info

    Hello All I am thinking of running a Clout tournament in the North East of Scotland possible the end of this year or next year. Has any one out there run a clout competition before and can you give me any tips or pointers of what I need to do to get it of the ground. I have looked at rules and...
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    % for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class

    Hello all I know that for each bow Discipline GMB is the top 1% MB for the top 4%, and Bowman for the Top 15% Dose anyone know the make up of percentages for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class Something I have always wondered about? Thanks:cheerful:
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    Indoor Classifications

    Hello All Has any one ever thought of producing indoor classification badges at their club. I am thinking of introducing such a scheme to encourage the juniors at the club to enter scores. I envisage that these badges could be attach to quivers and archers could change as they gained or fall a...
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    GNAS club Colours

    Hello All Dose any one out there know if there is an on line form you can fill in, to register your club colours with GNAS? Thanks