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  • going to get 40 - 45lbs at 26 - pip suggested the deluxe if going to go to comps etc it would be better. i have watched some of the comps on u tube where they shoot it just like a recurve and also see some people shooting it at an angle. do you no much about the string i know fastflight is faster but is a single loop or double loop better. i was just thinking to you get a string with it or is it separate - numpty here might to ask.
    Someone would need to tell me what you do in clout - never tried it would like to though - mind you need to make some arrows first
    decided to get a longbow - so was blethering about it to pip bickerstaffe about it. like having a shot of one of our club members at falkirk's bow. need sometime to chill out with when i,m shooting crap with compound. you,ll need to show me hows its done! once get better may try shoot a hereford to get a nice shiny rose badge;)

    Maybe or i might get a longbow start up a traditional club in the area. both are great fun to shoot and i see bow sports had a bickerstaffe deluxe longbow down in prices - mind you was a 50lb one might just be a bit to much the now!
    saw u this morn at langside col, was in car at top of hill with my son who wouldnt go into the nursery otherwise i would have said hi.c u at the iron man
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