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  • Hello worthipa,
    I'm new to archery and more so when it comes to putting together my own arrows! Could you e-mail the Cartel Jig instructions to me, please? My printer is down and I couldn't save the instructions to the desk top thingy nor could I e-mail them to myself. (I'm not that clever when it comes to computers!) My e-mail address is: [email protected]
    I've broken two of my original twelve (longbow) arrows already and I've only been at it since 23 June 2011. I went through the (Fakenham Bowmen) club's induction course in March 2011 using their equipment (a recurve), but had my heart set on learning the longbow from the out set. I think I've got the jig sorted out, but it would be a great help to have the instructions on hand. I need to start replacing my arrows now, before I run out completely!
    Many thanx,
    Hi Phil,
    Diane 532, Lynn 729, I'm not sure of Tom's score. They all won their categories, so well done them. I decided against entering as I wasn't getting enough shooting time in.

    Hi Mrs Worthipa

    I have tried all of these limbs with the GMX and settled on the 990tx limbs over the others. I am sorry I did not get my point across about adverse affect as I would have liked. Sebastion Flute are made by W&W but they do not share the quality that W&W equipment have. W&W limbs have a punchy after shot but not an incredible amount of vibration where as the Sebastion Flute limbs have alot more vibration in the after shot. such alot of vibration in a riser that is made to have a soft but reactive after shot is not a brilliant idea. You spend ?485.00 on riser only to waste it with these limbs. I have tried the new Sebation Flute limbs and riser together they work quite well but still not as nice as hoyt limbs.

    Best regards

    Tom TMT
    Hi just a quick text before i go to bed!
    That photo is great (Soma tabs i use thread)
    Cheers, i'll probrably use hard plastic material
    "A Ruben is a sandwich; the "Russian Mr Ruben" is actually the Ukrainian Viktor Ruban. That would be the same Mr Ruban who won his team Bronze at the 2004 Olympics shooting his Hoyt Elan with Hoyt FX limbs. I suspect his current choice of bow is more to do with Team sponsorship than personal preference ...."

    Brilliant :D
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