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  • Hi YSB,

    Let me know how big the PDF file is and I'll see what I can do. May be best to place it in the Downloads section and link to it.

    Hi ,do you know how to get on to the Ancestral archery forum ? ,I have had a look around and it seems interesting,Roving and clout is something I have always wanted to have a go at, as I have only ever shot NFAS no shot is ever much more than about 50y.
    Yew selfbow. I am doing something similar I am trying to find out the colours & pattern of Horace Ford's arrows. I have contacted Cheltenham Archers and they have no record of him which I think is bad considering he was a founder member! however, there is records somewhere of Archery Ribbons as they called them...but where!
    It's a bow with a very interesting histoy. A friend from my former archery club is a telecom engineer. He was working with a groupof forresters clearing Hawthorn from the side of a railway line. He saw the tree and asked the forresters if they could take it out in one piece. To cut a long story short I stored the pole in the round in my hay barn for 3 years before splitting. Hawthorn is an attractive pale wood but it has no bark to speak of but it's a dream to work with. Any way it made a nice 50lb bow, nothing special performance wise, but it keeps it's cast all day long and is as steady as a rock and as smooth as silk.
    I'm interested in your Hawthorn bow, got any basc dimensions or pics? How does it shoot compared against Yew (assuming from your name that you also have a Yew self bow?)
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