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    TT Blade Alignment

    The problem I found with that idea is that the previous blade had worn at least half a mm to one side. This would put the arrow 15mm from were it originally blade started at 30 yards. I just measure from the Riser to the centre when the centre shot is correct put in my setting notes and use a...
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    Victory VAP 450 Weaker than expected spine

    I agree that the 450 could be a little weak. I was prepared to accept that to get out a lighter arrow. The fact it goes 150mm right at 20 yards means the spine is way off or there is another reason. I also have a set of Easton Lightspeed arrows 500 spine 100 grain points 28 inch long I use for...
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    Victory VAP 450 Weaker than expected spine

    I use a Mathews Solo cam 53# I use Victory VAP 400 spine arrows 27 inch long with 125 grain tungsten point these tune fine at 40 yards they show the spine is slightly week 50mm right impact with bare shaft so I was quiet happy with the result. I then decided to make up some light arrows for...
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    Binoculars for field target

    I tried some Olympus 10x50 DPS they seemed 90% effective in the woods. I bought some Olympus 10x42 EXP on eBay as I assumed they would be better from the same maker but at more than twice the cost. This as it turns out to be true were I could not see the knocks on around 4 dark targets with the...
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    Victory Vap Elite Target arrows

    I have had the Elite for 3 months now to replace my X10 as I keep damaging them at high cost. Last comp three bent arrows shooting 6 arrows at 50 metres with a compound bow. They tuned nicely did a 356 out of 360 at 30 metres. Bare shaft tuning 2 inches right at 40 metres no worse than I could...
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    Binoculars for field target

    Thanks for the info anybody using a Barr and Stroud 10x50 monocular for field target
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    Binoculars for field target

    Anybody got any recommendations for field target cost less than £100
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    On Ebay Shibuya Dual Click

    This sight is as new with 2 sight pins one scope type with fibre pin colour is red cost ?138 plus postage on Ebay offers around ?95
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    For Sale SF forged Riser anodised red kit

    This kit comprises of SF anodised red 25inch riser with New SF axiom 24lb Limbs total bow 68 inch. Tecone anodised red sight. Axiom + rod set 4 inch extender V piece 28 inch long rod and two 10 inch short rod. SF stand black, string and tensioner, Quiver green sued. This comes in a hard case...
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    For Sale SF Carbon Elite Limbs 34lbs

    These are as new still in original packaging ?120 including postage.
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    For Sale Recurve Bow set nice entry level

    All items are as new with no scratches. The kit comprise of SF premium riser 25 inch SF Axium 24 lb Limbs. SF pressure button. SF sight. sling,stand,two sets of strings and remover and 6 Easton Genesis 1820 arrows 70cm long. ?210ono
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    For Sale Tru ball trigger release

    This has been used for maybe 200 shots in excellent condition ?39 includes postage
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    Carbon Express Nano pro 400 spine x 12

    12 Carbon Express Nano Pro 400 spine plus 12 Carbon Express A1 Tool steel points plus nock pins and collars all brand new. Total retail price is ?489. Selling for ?380 plus ?15 postage and insurance.
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    For Sale HOYT IGNITE Blue

    This compound bow was bought less than a year ago for my wife. She now shoots recurve. It comes with Custom grip along with original plus limb savers and Pro peep site around ?60 extras. Draw is easily set 19 to 30 inches. Weight range is 35 to 70 ponds currently on 48. ?190 plus postage or...