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    Hoyt Epik clicker thread?

    Hi guys, Can anyone please confirm the clicker thread for a 2019 Hoyt Epik? I had assumed 6/32 but a new Beiter 6/32 won't fit in either hole - nor will a few other 6/32 allen bolts and clicker bolts I have lying around. I only tried finger tight -did not want to force them - so i guess it...
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    point weight systems - common thread?

    Hi guys - some arrows MFRS offer modular weight systems for inside arrow points (e.g Easton superdrive 23s and carbon express X buster and gold-tip pint weight system) please advise - are the thread types common - so that you can mix and match? Specifically, could I add an Easton point weight...
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    to tape or not to tape?

    Hi folks, sorry I know these potatoes have been boiled already - but I would welcome your views... (and sorry it's long) For donkey's years I tuned bare-shaft vs fletched without tape to replicate vane-weight - it worked well enough. But more recently there is advice to add tape to simulate...
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    Yammy super-ceramic limbs

    Hi folks Looking for some Yamaha super ceramic carbon limbs - preferably med or long - 36-40# (at the right price) cheers
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    yammy super-ceramic limbs

    Hi folks, If anyone has a pair of Yammy super ceramic carbon limbs med or long 36-40# - I would be interested at the right price cheers
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    Bitzenberger heli-clamp fitting

    Bitzenburger heli-clamp fitting Hi guys, Does anyone know if a Bitzenburger helical fletching clamp will fit onto any flat surface magnetic jig? I can adjust the angle and extension of the flat surface of my jig a fair bit - the longshot clamp looks similar to the flat bitzy clamp. I have...
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    Fivics sight damper thread?

    Hi - Does anyone know the thread size for the Fivics FVW 502 Sight Bar Damper? I would guess it's 8/32 - but i don't like to guess when paying for stuff ;) I have found it for sale in several archery shops and none seem to offer a thread size the FIVICs site does not seem to have the product...
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    outer thread AGF Technic-15 sight tunnel

    Hi folks, bit of an obscure one..... Does anyone know the outer thread spec for the 'sight tunnel' on an AGF Technic-15 sight please? the part is actually called an 'aperture part number 712' in the component diagram......... I...
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    Limbs UUkha VX1000 XCurve review

    Hi folks, For what it's worth here is my perspective on UUKHA VX1000 Xcurve limbs after around 5 weeks playing. This is my perception and I am sure other people using these limbs will have a totally different experience. I have tried to remain objective. Kit: My bow is a Hoyt Prodigy...
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    scaling down a target face size

    Hi folks, If you wanted to make a target face to be shot at 20yds that simulated the size of a 122cm at 100yds - This is just as bit of fun to let beginners get a general flavour for relative size difference when shooting at 100yds - (I know this excludes the effects of wind, rain, drag, the...
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    UUKha formula bushes MKII

    Hi folks a couple of weeks ago Latheman made me some superb quality bushes to allow top/bottom rods to be fitted to UUkha formula limbs/adapters - Thanks Mr L. The UUkha limbs don't come with the normal Hoyt bushing. These MkI design bushes only failed because of my over-optimism in the...
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    recurve Hoyt verta-tune & tiller effect

    Hi Folks Assuming that the nocking point is adjusted to be the same for each verta-tune position - Is there a rule of thumb for the tiller effect on a bow with the different verta-tune positions? ie high verta-tune requires more or less tiller for the same dynamic outcome? The vertatune system...
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    Trial - UUkha formula top and bottom stabiliser bushes

    These top and bottom rod bushes were kindly made for me by Mr Latheman - not expensive - super quality and fast delivery too - Thanks mr. L they are surface-glued with Methyl-Acetate glue (vuduglu) - hence non-invasive - the bush foot surfaces were milled to form a key they are my first...
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    new kit pic - spot the difference......

    Here is my new prodigy formula with UUKHA xcurves and formula adapters so what's unusual?
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    UUKHA formula adapter - warning!!!

    Hi folks, - tale of woe......... Just trying out my new VX1000 x curves with the formula adapter in my new Prodigy riser. Shot around 6 Dozen, yesterday but went to the field for a proper test this morning. On the second shot - BANG! - at full draw the bow failed - top-limb hitting my forehead...
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    AGF technic-15 and safari sight tunnel thread

    Hi folks, For info.... Just bought an AGF technic-15 sight - great piece of kit - well chuffed. I was advised by someone that only the 'M4' thread 'AGF sight aperture' would fit and that the full range of apertures are not supplied as standard - so I would need to buy a separate aperture kit...
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    Sourcing a couple of small 5/16 bushes?

    Hi Folks, Can anyone please point me towards someone who could machine me a couple of small stainless steel bushes? like around 5/16 UNF-24 size - but a little more complex than that - to my design. Because it would only be a couple, I realise the unit cost would be relatively high. Thanks in...
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    new 27" formula prodigy and medium uukha VX1000 xcurve review

    My review (pics later when I get chance) just collected my 42# UUKHA vx1000 x curves this morning from The Archery Shop - and fitted em to my new prodigy 27" tiller left as is - bracing height set to 8" - 18 strand 8125 string needed a few extra twists checked alignment/geometry centreshot...
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    sourcing prodigy prolock/hardlock shims/spacers?

    Hi folks anyone any idea where I can buy a few spare alignment shims/spacers for a hoyt prodigy? many thanks Al
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    UUKHA Xcurve - prodigy riser brace height?

    Hi there folks. UUKHA offer some advice on brace height for different bow lengths - but different risers will require variation from this as it will be riser geometry specific - (I know it's also personal preference/tuning etc).. But...... Could anyone share actual experience of BH for a...