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    Suitable longbow woods available in the UK

    Hi All What readily available woods could be used to make a reasonably good longbow? I know Yew, purpleheart, Osage, IPE, hickory and other exotics make good bows but we are not exactly awash with these locally. They are even hard to find to buy and prohibitively expensive. The wood we could...
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    What oil to finish a longbow with?

    Hi All After finishing a laminate longbow what is the best varnish/oil/wax to finish a longbow with to give it protection and a bit of a gloss finish? Thanks in advance Osprey
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    How do you make an waterproof sight tape

    Hi All How do you make an waterproof sight tape? I've got Archers advantage software and it will print a sight tape, however if I print it on normal paper I don't imaging it will last long in the rain. What's the best way of getting around this problem? Regards Osprey
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    What are the best arrows for 3D?

    Hi All What are the best arrows for 3D which are accurate but can be extracted? I currently use Easton ACG with a compound bow @ 50lbs, which are great at distances over 70m, but being very thin they go a long way into the target. I shot one at 20M and it went in right to the Fletching. Whilst...