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    well after spending about 5 hours cutting joining and backing the pyramid bow I was ready to tiller. kept it slow and steady, gradually got to 50# at 22 and a crack was heard. I half expected it as the timber I was using has the grain running at 90 degrees to what was needed. the crack starts...
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    thanks dell, very interesting. that answered a few of my questions I was going to ask
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    evening all, a couple of weeks ago I managed to get a 2m length of hardwood to make a pyramid bow. I managed to work out how to join the 2 halves and cut them out ready to glue up with cascamite. a week later the glue hasnt arrived, I remembered a elb laminated stave I bought about 4 years ago...
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    thanks, I was considering either silk or linen as a backing, less likely to come off as its easier to make sure it glues properly!
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    evening all, I am going to attempt to make another bow . my first attempts were at making longbows and they both broke. I am going to try making a pyramid style bow this time and I am able to get hold of a piece of padauk. is this timber suitable, I have read it can be brittle and shatter...
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    Archery.... is there a need for further change?

    I started archery about 3 years ago, joined a local club that shoots indoors in winter and outside at a rugby club in summer. the club is smallish, generally about 8 to 12 on the line. its a recurve club (not aimed at recurves specifically ) and I am the only elb person. a couple of months ago...
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    the string on my 50# boo backed bow has a much thinner string, due to what you said I gues that must be fast flight and my osage bow must be dacron
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    hi, I thought dacron but some else said fast flight, is there much difference? I thought fast flight lacked the slight give needed for elbs, but he said not...
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    evening all, my string on my bow is looking a bit worn and I want to replace it. I cannot find the invoice to tell me what type of string is on it. I know it has 14 strands, but that's it. the bow is 45# osage orange, any advice as to string material would be helpfull
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    thanks, I ended up joining the british long bow society, only £20 and covers me up to 60# bows
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    thanks I will have a look
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    evening all. I am going to join a local longbow club. I am a member of archery gb, but the new club are not sure if the archery gb insurance will cover me as they are not a archery gb recognised club, could anyone please help....
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    What oil to finish a longbow with?

    I use beeswax, works for me and the smell covers the smell of the armpit of the person next to you!
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    Waxing the String

    hmmm, I have 8 elbs and 2 horse bows and I have never waxed a string. I change them when needed as soon as they look worn. I only shoot for a couple of hours on a sunday, so not that many hours. does waxing make the string last longer, if so but what?
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    Archery Interchange Facebook & Twitter Connectivity

    my only phone is an old clam phone, which I seem to keep forgetting to take with me. people seem to either think its weird your not available to them whenever they choose or are annoyed that I don't answer within 3 nano secs!
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    records officer

    evening all, I am a member of a very small club. our rec officer who has done the job for many years wants to stop and I have been asked t do it. I had a quick descusion with him (no time) and he said its just filling n spread sheets? whatever the are , and giving people info on round...
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    evening all, my daughter has a 18lb longbow which she has been trying to get the hang of for the last year on and off. the prob is she cant keep the arrow resting on her hand and it keeps slipping off. before she gets too frustrated I thought I would try her on a little recurve, I found a thing...
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    wrist pain

    I write left handed and shoot right handed, I swap constantly hands when using tools as my arm/hand tires. I have had for a while (years) a left wrist that wil swell p every now and then, doesn't hurt unless I hold it in a particular way. when shooting it is fine but can be painfull few...
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    arrow weight

    a bit of a tricky one to answer I know but...I was at my club sunday and someone put out a target at 100yds. they were using a recurve. I thought I would have a pop, at max elevation I managed to get 1 to reach. I am thinking maybe my arrows are too heavy they come in at 34 grms . my bow is a...
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    training aid

    evening all, bit of an odd one. I have in my garage pulleys attached to the wall with weights =ing about 50# draw, never can get the enthusiasm to go out to use it. also got the rubber bands but they don't feel right. ? now my question is there any ort of bow I can just string and leave in the...