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  1. fbirder

    FormMaster - is it practice?

    AGB rules forbid practice before a competition, with only six sighters allowed. One of our club members makes FormMaster-type devices, that allow you to practice form and release with the arrow only flying a few feet forward. Would this count as practice before a competition? I assume that...
  2. fbirder

    Bohning Pro Jig - straight or curved clamp

    I'm making my own wooden arrows for the first time and I'm about to fletch with 4" right-hand feathers. I have a Bohning Pro jig from my (pre-XS-Wings) recurve days. But it only has a straight clamp. Would that be OK, or should I buy a Bohning RH clamp? Thanks
  3. fbirder

    Convert Jazz arrows to accept G-Nocks

    I have some old Jazz arrows that I want to use for our field course in the woods (cheaper to lose than ACGs). They currently have the old taper nocks, which are a pain. I've heard that I can cut the ends of the arrows, removing the taper, and insert bushings to accept G-Nocks. The arrows are...
  4. fbirder

    Instinctive Shooting - Two Eyes are Better than One

    After four years of shooting target recurve I decided I needed something a bit different. I didn't want to go compound (I have balance problems that already limit my recurve shooting - even from a chair) so I went for an AFB. For four weeks I've been using it for target shooting and finding it...
  5. fbirder

    252 - How many scores?

    We are just implementing the 252 scheme at our club, so I've been looking at what others do. But there's some discrepancy in the number of qualifying rounds needed for a badge. Some say it must be achieved twice; others just once. At least one club stipulates that it must be achieved three...
  6. fbirder

    Handicap Formula

    Hi, I'm trying to access the formula used for calculating AGB handicaps. It used to be available on AIUK - - but I'm told I don't have sufficient priviledge to access that page. Can anybody suggest why? Or point to another location?
  7. fbirder

    [American Flatbow] Long draw length, light poundage, ?100 - ?200 AFB?

    I currently shoot recurve with a 72" bow, 32# (@28") limbs, 30" draw length. Im looking for a bow to use for field shooting. I'd also like to try instinctive shooting. I have a horsebow, but there's far too much shock in my bowhand. I thought an AFB might be suitable. Somewhere between ?100...
  8. fbirder

    Should home-made finger slings be banned in the UK?

    After a quick Google search I've found at least 5 people have been killed this century with shoelaces. That's at least 5 people more than have been killed with a bow and arrow. I've noticed several people use shoelaces to make their own finger-slings and I'm wondering how they can get away with...
  9. fbirder

    Use of a shooting stool.

    Over the last 18 months I've had lots of health problems due to various autoimmune diseases. One of them is neuropathy that really screws with my balance. That means my groups are terrible as I wobble quite a bit when shooting. I'm a lot more stable when seated (it's a lack of reflexes in my...
  10. fbirder

    Sight tracking

    As I adjust me sight for longer distances my arrows tend to move to the right, so I have to adjust my windage. I'm guessing that's because my sight track isn't true. I've seen several comments about how this can be a problem - but nothing on how to fix it. The sight is a Sure-Lock recurve sight...
  11. fbirder

    Sussex Archery web site down?

    Hi All, A friend of mine is interested in starting up archery, so I was going to tell him to check out local clubs on the Sussex Archery web site - - but the site seems to be down. Anybody know if this is a temporary thing? Just checked WhoIs and it seems the...
  12. fbirder

    Recurve Centre Serving - symmetrical?

    I've just had couple of strings made for my 72" bow but I believe that the centre serving is placed incorrectly. When I attempted to put the nocking points on there was just a couple of cm of serving above the top point. Assuming the string was upside-down I restrung the bow, with the large loop...
  13. fbirder

    10th WA African Championships. Live coverage?

    Hi All, The WA African Championships are being held at Luxor at the moment. Gavin Sutherland, whom some may know, is shooting for Zimbabwe and doing quite well. It would be great to get some live, or nearly-live, coverage. TV would be great but a results board updated every 30 minutes, or so...
  14. fbirder

    [Horsebow] Consistent hand position - and nocking points

    Well, I've got my Scythian XL and I've shot a few arrows at 10m. I've never tried using a bow Like this (tried a longbow twice). How does one get a consistent grip position? Or does it just feel right when your hand is in the right place. Then, how does one determine the correct position for the...
  15. fbirder

    Shooting with experts: Intimidating or Inspirational?

    This Sunday I shot my second outdoor competition (well, my two-and-a-halfth having retired hurt from my first). I was sharing my target with two very good archers (indeed, they went on to share first place). As the competition progressed I realised that I was shooting far better than I'd ever...
  16. fbirder

    [Horsebow] Tempted by Horsebow - but what else would I need?

    I've been shooting recurve for around 18 months (with a 4-month break for injury) and I'm slowly improving. I currently shoot a 70" bow, with a 31" draw, pulling 36# on the fingers. I'm thinking of trying out something closer to what my ancestors shot. I'd thought about a longbow, but after...
  17. fbirder

    Increase the poundage by screwing in the bolts - side effects?

    I'm currently shooting with 26# limbs (around 30# OTF due to 30" draw length). When I started shooting last year I was using 32# limbs, but that was too much and I couldn't develop my form. So I got lighter limbs - a good idea. Now I feel confident about pulling some more weight and I've decided...
  18. fbirder

    Tab wear patterns

    I was wondering if there's any useful information I could glean from the pattern of wear on my tab. I'm slightly concerned over the extensive wear on the index finger part. It looks as if it wouldn't take long to wear all the way through. I'm not using brass nock locaters but dental-floss.
  19. fbirder

    Stolen/Lost SF Carbon Sight - Left Handed

    Hi all. I'm wondering if anybody here has (or knows of somebody who has) lost, or had stolen, an SF Carbon sight? I ask because I bought one on Ebay and it arrived without the mounting block. The seller is trying to persuade me that he never had one and that it's not an integral part of the...
  20. fbirder

    Clicker too quiet indoors.

    Yesterday I shot my second indoor competition - my first was in January, in a large hall, two months after I started archery and before I started using a clicker. Yesterday was in a much smaller hall , so the noise level was possibly higher. My big problem was that I couldn't hear my clicker at...