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  1. MikeD

    Archer's Mark Users

    For people who use Archer's Mark... What do you do on those damp days when your arrows are landing a yard or two low? When I used a tape, I'd just move the adjustable pin to the mark on the tape after shooting say a 40 yd practice target and that would be close enough. However, the sight I now...
  2. MikeD

    Stringwalking Nocking Point Height

    I've been reading... Now I suspect my nocking point is low compared with others. Am I right thinking if I increase the nocking point height I'll get a longer point-on distance? Geometry was never my strongest subject. My nocking point is currently at 7/16", but I'm seeing suggestions of 13/16"...
  3. MikeD

    String walk gaps

    Hi, I've seen a couple of articles on the internet that suggest that the string walk gaps between distances are even rather than getting further apart the longer the distance, as would be the case with a sight on an Olympic style recurve. Is that true? Can I just evenly split my 20 yard walk...
  4. MikeD

    Barebow Arrow Weight

    Hi, I've been shooting barebow indoors for a couple of months now (and other styles on and off over the last 40 years). Today I got a first chance to try shooting outdoors. My setup: Spigarelli Revolution riser with 44lb Hex 5 limbs (68", 43lbs on fingers). Arrows 2013 XX75s 28" long. So...
  5. MikeD

    Spigarelli Bare Bow Risers

    I've decided that I want to try barebow and would like to get the Spigarelli BB riser, which is in my budget range. I've only found one supplier in the UK, and they say 4 to 12 weeks for delivery. Anyone know other suppliers who may have stock (EU is fine, not just UK), or be able to get one...
  6. MikeD

    Carter Adjusting the Carter Only

    Hi, Can anyone explain what the difference is between the three different crescents with the Carter Only. Preferably without using faster or slower, which just confuses me, as I understand the release goes off when the set angle is exceeded. Say I have the angle set with 4 dots on the...
  7. MikeD

    Bernardini Skorpion 2000

    Has anyone shot a Bernardini Skorpian? I'd like to know what the draw feels like (is it like a Hoyt cam 1/ or like a mathews for example). I can find next to no information on the internet except the manual as a PDF and the bow for sale from Alternative.
  8. MikeD

    Setting 5-pin Sight

    I'm shooting IFAA field and hunter rounds and hope to also shoot some NFAS. What is the recommended distances for the pins. I've looked at two alternatives for IFAA: 20, 30, 40, 50 and 65 and 25, 33, 45, 55 and 65 Both with the top of the bottom guard set at 80 yards. Which is best, and why?
  9. MikeD

    Beiter In/out Nocks

    Is it just me? I fitted Beiter in/out nocks to my navigators and they are great. Except whenever I come down the arrow pops off the string. They fit on the string with a satisfying click. Does anyone else have a problem or should I be looking for teh nock being pinched between the twin...
  10. MikeD

    NFAS Styles

    I've started experimenting with a 5-pin sight and am interested in finding out about joining and shooting NFAS. Please can someone clarify the shooting style for me. Is a short stabiliser permitted for Compound Limited (like for bowhunter in IFAA)? Can I shoot middle and ring finger below...
  11. MikeD

    Argyll Field Archers Unmarked Shoot

    For anyone going to ScoCo 2008 in you are in for a treat on the Sunday! The Argyll club have done a fantastic job putting together a challenging course in a stunning setting. Just a pity that the Saturday will be wasted walking back and forth on a flat field ;) I'm going to have to work out how...
  12. MikeD

    Starting A New Club

    For various reasons I'm considering trying to start a new target archery club near Dunfermline. Has anyone got an advice for how to do that? How to build membership, specially as we won't have a GNAS coach? Hopefully I can do a Level 1 Course in the autumn, but until then... Am I likely to be...
  13. MikeD

    Carbon Impact Ultra Fast

    Is anyone shooting Carbon Impact Ultra fast arrows? I've ordered three from Merlin to see what spine to get. I'm planning to shoot these for field competitions, and perhaps the occasional Fita or York (where carbon arrows are not banned). I can't afford ACEs, but even the price of Orange...
  14. MikeD


    I've been shooting recurve on and of for a while continuing mainly as a compound archer. I'm enjoying the recurve and may decide to make it my main discipline. Last night someone pointed out that for IFAA field archery I can use a peep sight. So I fitted one. Once I got passed the issues...
  15. MikeD

    Cycling With A Compound Bow

    I've seen threads about backpacks to carry recurves, but I'd like to know if anyone has a solution for carrying a compound bow on a pushbike. I've been looking at trailers on-line, but they all seem to be too short. Does anyone go to shoot on a pushbike?
  16. MikeD


    Yes I did search, and I do know what reversals are... Being a wuss compound archer I'm finding the return to recurve hard work. Drawing the bow is easy, but aiming and completing the shot is hard work after a while. So I thought, time to do some reversals. As I said I'm a compound wuss and...
  17. MikeD

    American Flatbow and Classifications

    We have a club member shooting American Flat Bow with wooden arrows. Am I right in thinking that for field competitions (GNAS/FITA) he can shoot in the traditional recurve class, but for target competitions he has to shoot in the barebow class?
  18. MikeD

    Two Colour/Candy Stripe Strings

    Are they legal, or are they considered to offer a marked string? I like my black and yellow string, but if there is any doubt I'd rather make up some single colour strings now...
  19. MikeD

    Escaping the Dark Side

    I'm not giving up on Compound and it will still probably be my choice of bow for competitions, but I've decided I want to shoot recurve as well. Partly this is because I'm going to start training to be an SFAA and GNAS Coach and feel that I need to be shooting recurve so I can keep myself fresh...
  20. MikeD

    Am I Just a Wuss?

    Or is there something wrong with my set up? I got a Scythian bow and have shot it a couple of times this week. I keep getting deep scratches on my bow hand from the feather fletchings. Does this mean the nocking point is too low or is it normal for the fletches to make contact? The arrows...